‘SING’ Your Sorrows Away and Let Music Be ‘The Great Escape’ in These Times

Mary Grace Ritter | The PhoenixBastille headlined The Chicago Theatre on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

As Loyola students join thousands across the country in staying indoors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, The Phoenix has crafted a playlist to get you through the COVID-19 insanity — whether you want to tune it out, process the chaos or find some hope.

Diving into music can be “The Great Escape” from reality. No matter what the genre, taking some time to dance around and “SING” old favorite songs can work wonders for one’s mood. 

As impactful as listening to music can be, no matter how great the song or how cohesive the album, it’s more of a “Temporary Fix” than a long term solution. This doesn’t make it any less fun. You might be feeling a bit “Paranoid” with all the chaos, which makes sense.

You’re probably thinking you watched everything fall apart “Right Before My Eyes.” And it kind of did. One second there’s speculation of schools closing, the next everyone is “Moving Out.”

It might feel like everything is moving too fast and the world is “In Too Deep.” If you think about it too much or spend too much time on Twitter, you might start to think the “Doom Days” are finally upon us.

But if you step away from the situation and take a deep breath, you can calm down. Then with online classes, you find out there’s way “Too Much Time on My Hands.” With all the self-isolation time, there’s the opportunity to pick up a hobby or play board games with quarantine-mates.

But by quarantine day three, you might find yourself asking your family or roommates, “Are You Bored Yet?” and move to the solace of your room. 

If you’re “Bored to Death” and run out of newfound hobbies, you might just turn to streaming a favorite show. Whether it’s Hulu or a “Netflix Trip,” there’s plenty to watch on the vast expanse of the internet.

Along the way if you start to show symptoms, stay inside and “Rest To Get Better.” It might be difficult and like “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying),” but keep the faith. Oh, and consider getting tested for the virus.

“Hold onto hope if you got it,” Hayley Williams reminds us in Paramore’s song “26.”

Check in on friends, especially those who already struggle with mental illness. Ask “How Do You Feel?” — both physically and mentally.

At the end of the day, this is a situation not totally in your control. You can do your part to stop the spread of coronavirus by staying inside. But don’t beat yourself up or freak out too much, sometimes that’s just the “Way It Goes.”

To find The Phoenix’s self-quarantine playlist, head to Spotify and search “Loyola Phoenix.”

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