The Phoenix’s 8 Podcasts to Binge During Your Time in Quarantine

“Office Ladies” with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, “Man in the Window” and “Heavyweight” with Jonathan Goldstein are three of The Phoenix’s top picks for podcasts to pass the time in quarantine.

Illinois residents are joining thousands across the country working and taking classes from home to help stem the spread of the novel 2019 coronavirus. Between online classes and binging the latest Netflix show, all the screen time might start to take its toll on you.

The answer? Podcasts, podcasts and more podcasts.

Whether you’re a true crime junkie, looking to learn something new or just want a good laugh, The Phoenix compiled a list of podcasts to help you pass the time.

‘Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’

“Queer Eye’s” most flamboyant hairdresser, Jonathan Van Ness, has a lot of questions, so he brings experts on the show to answer them. From activists to authors, Van Ness interviews whoever it takes to get to the bottom of his questions. The conversations between Van Ness and his guests are equal parts hilarious and interesting, ensuring you won’t get bored or zone out.

‘The Mortified Podcast’

What happens when you make adults read their overly dramatic teen diaries in front of an audience? You get a hilarious podcast.

“The Mortified Podcast” brings listeners back to their oh-so-embarrassing middle school years as they listen to hosts spill their teenage thoughts about their parents, celebrity crushes, first sexual experiences and more.

‘Stuff You Should Know’

If online classes just aren’t doing it for you, look no further than “Stuff You Should Know.” Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant answer your questions about, well, stuff you should know. Ranging from coyotes to cave diving and beyond, this podcast is perfect for people looking to expand their knowledge base and have fun doing it. The podcast has been produced since 2008, meaning there’s more than enough episodes for you to indulge in.

‘In the Dark: Season One’

The disappearance and murder of Minnesota boy Jacob Wetterling rocked the country in 1989. Now investigative journalists from APM Reports walk listeners through the case from top to bottom, showing the case’s vast impacts and raising questions about how law enforcement works.


“Heavyweight” seeks to answer life’s great unanswered questions on a personal level. Host Jonathan Goldstein takes listeners with him as he seeks to answer questions about personal relationships in each episode. Acting as a time machine, the podcast will have you asking yourself the questions Goldstein tries to answer.

‘Office Ladies’

Fans of “The Office,” rejoice. It’s time to stop mourning the series and listen to “Office Ladies,” the recently released podcast by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who play Pam Beesley and Angela Martin, respectively. The two co-stars — and real-life pals — rewatch the smash hit and share their thoughts and memories about shooting the show. Superfans of “The Office” will be glad to hear new information, silly anecdotes and fond memories from Fischer and Kinsey.

‘The Morning Toast’

This daily podcast is geared toward college-aged people who need their pop culture fix every morning. Two sisters, Claudia and Jackie Oshry, take listeners through the top five pop culture stories of the day, but occasionally dabble in the worlds of business, sports and technology. Just this week, the Oshry sisters spoke with Deborah Birx, an instrumental member of the White House’s team working to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

‘Man in the Window’

In “Man in the Window,” listeners are enlightened to the experiences of the victims of one of California’s most deadly serial killers, otherwise known as the Golden State Killer. Fans of true crime will appreciate the podcast’s ability to explain the case in plain language while investigating and analyzing every detail. 

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