A Beginner-Friendly Guide on Staying Fit While Staying Indoors: Tone Those Arms

Courtesy of Kevin GunawanPush-ups are just one example of an easy, in-home exercise that can be done to keep your arms in tip-top shape.

As a follow up to a leg-day workout, The Phoenix has curated a workout geared toward strengthening your arms.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 still running rampant across the country, it’s still unknown when gyms and other businesses might reopen. The following exercises can easily be done in your living room while you await the end of your state’s stay-at-home order.

Courtesy of Kevin Gunawan, Molly Gaglione | The Phoenix

Weights are hard to come by in a typical household or apartment, so those looking for toned biceps and triceps are going to have to get creative.

For a warm-up, start with your arms straight out from your shoulders and start moving them in little circles. After a minute, make the circles a little bigger. Follow this pattern of small circles to big circles and back to small for at least five minutes — it might feel easy at first, but keep going and you’ll start to feel the burn.

To make this a bit harder, hold an object in your hands — frying pan, bag of rice, full water bottle, small pet, really anything lying around the house to add weight.

After arm circles, put your arms by your side and — holding your object or not — lift them up to be level with your shoulders and then lower back to your sides. After doing sets of those, you can bring your arms to shoulder level and move your arms together, as if you were clapping. Try doing three sets of 10 for each movement.

Tricep dips can be done on the edge of a couch, chair or coffee table — really anywhere that won’t move when you push off of it. Position yourself with your legs straight in front and your arms behind you on the edge of the furniture. By bending your arms, lower your body nearly to the ground and then back up. Try doing three sets of eight of these.

Another exercise starts with your body in plank position, arms palm-down, straight from your shoulders and feet just a couple inches apart. Keeping your body flat in plank position, lower your body down until you can support yourself with your forearms. Then, push yourself back up with your palms flat on the floor. Repeat this until you complete three sets of eight.

Lastly, push-ups. Try setting a goal for yourself — each day, do one more push-up than the previous day.

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