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Loyola Senior Gavin Chisholm Plays the Blues for Production Night Session Two

Another Tuesday night, another Production Night Session — The Phoenix’s new live-stream series in which Phoenix reporters interview performing artists during breaks in their live sets. 

This week’s guest was Gavin Chisholm, a graduating senior at Loyola from Toledo, Ohio. The environmental science major opened the stream with one of his own songs, “Dancing In An Empty Suit.” 

After his first song, Phoenix Arts and Entertainment editor Mary Grace Ritter asked Chisholm some questions about what he’s been doing to stay busy and how he got started in music.

Chisholm said he hasn’t spent much time watching live-stream performances, which have skyrocketed in popularity due to a lack of live music — instead opting to work on classes — but that he did tune into one of his favorite artists, Kevin Crowder, when he did a stream a few weeks prior. 

Chisholm started playing guitar in fifth grade when his sister bought a guitar. Music lessons were forced on him, but he has come to terms with that now.

“She had a little half-sized strat,” Chisholm said. “At first I didn’t really want to play, my mom forced me to take lessons at first. Now I am eternally grateful because it’s one of my favorite things.”

His second song was an unreleased track called “Home” from his previous band, Blue Walls. He played with the group through high school and some of college, but the band had to go separate ways when their bassist moved to California.

He said the band’s last performance was at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, Michigan to raise money for mental health awareness. The show ended up raising $4,000 for Lansing’s National Alliance on Mental Illness.

“The show raised a ton of money,” Chisholm said. “There was something in the water that night, people were just going nuts. It was a good note to go out on.”

The third piece he played was an untitled instrumental song that came as the product of one of his many nights at the University of Michigan’s Biological Station in Pellston, Michigan. He spent last summer doing research there and said the experience was “surreal.”

“It felt like camp, it was surreal,” Chisholm said. “I lived in a cabin for two months so I had a lot of time to hangout and play guitar.”

Chisholm finished off the set with an instrumental version of “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder, turning down the chat’s suggestions of “Free Bird” and “Wonderwall.”

The next Production Night Session will be April 28 at 6 p.m. CST on the Loyola Phoenix Instagram @loyolaphoenix.

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