Tornado Touches Down in Rogers Park

bebarnes | PixabayThe city’s first tornado since Sept. 3, 2018 touched down last night in Rogers Park, according to the National Weather Service.

Chicago’s first tornado in recent years touched down in Rogers Park Aug. 10, officials said. 

The tornado moved over Lake Michigan, making it a waterspout. It was part of a series of storms that caused damage across the Midwest near the Nebraska-Iowa border, northern Illinois and northern Indiana, according to the National Weather Service. 

This is the first tornado Chicago has seen since Sept. 3, 2018, the National Weather Service said. 

The complex series of storms is known as a derecho. These storms produce a swath of severe wind gusts over an area at least 250 miles along, according to the National Weather Service. Derechos develop in environments with warm moist air at the surface, colder air aloft and moderate to strong winds at the upper layers of the atmosphere. 

There were more than 600 reports of severe wind — which is wind that travels 58 miles per hour or faster and six people reported injuries due to the storm, the National Weather Service said.

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