Loyola Student Group Provides More Than 600 Free Menstrual Cups to Student Body

Mary Chappell | The PhoenixStudents for Reproductive Justice partnered with Organicup to provide more than 600 menstrual cups to Loyola students.

Students for Reproductive Justice — a Loyola club not recognized by the university which focuses on sexual and reproductive health on campus — partnered with OrganiCup to provide more than 600 free menstrual cups to Loyola students this month.

Students who signed up through the organization were able to pick up their menstrual cups between Sept. 14 and Sept. 18.

Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) declined The Phoenix’s request for comment but made several Instagram posts regarding its partnership with OrganiCup.

“If over half of Loyola’s student population used menstrual cups, we would reduce menstrual product waste by 2.9 MILLION,” the group wrote Aug. 31 in a caption announcing the giveaway.

OrganiCup launched its Campus Cup program in June and has worked with 30 universities, according to Madaleno Limao, a creative project manager at OrganiCup who manages the Campus Cup initiative.

“The initiative aims to connect with offices of sustainability or women’s resource centers or student organizations, just like we did with LUC,” Limao, 24, said. “And basically we aim to provide or bring to students the opportunity to switch to a more sustainable period product.”

By providing 669 Loyola students with menstrual cups, Limao said 353,232 pads and tampons were avoided. This is due to the fact that an OrganiCup menstrual cup typically lasts two years, Limao said.

Provided by Madaleno Limao, creative project manager at OrganiCup

“For every OrganiCup that we donate to someone and that person starts using, we know its 528 pads and tampons that are being avoided,” Limao said.

OrganiCup’s Campus Cup initiative is an impact-driven project, Limao said, which means the company doesn’t receive much return, or profit. But one way the company sees return is through the discount code offered alongside the giveaway.

SRJ is providing a discount code for 30 percent off an OrganiCup order, according to its Instagram.

“Some ways we see return is Loyola has alumni students who would like to take advantage of this initiative, then Loyola also has a discount code they can share,” Limao said. “Or they can share the university discount with students who would rather not wait and have their cup right away, or for students who miss their sign-up period.”

Ellie Kinney, a Loyola senior studying advertising and public relations, said she’s not a member of SRJ but follows them on Instagram, where she saw posts about the giveaway.

“I think [the giveaway] is really valuable just because it’s giving people a chance to increase sustainability in their own lives,” Kinney, 21, said. “It’s bringing a lot of awareness to what women go through every month, which is their menstrual cycle. … SRJ does a lot of work to break the stigma around that.”

Kinney said she signed up for a menstrual cup and picked it up earlier this month. She said she’s been wanting to try a menstrual cup product but has always put it off and didn’t want to spend money on one.

“But what better opportunity to try it out then now?” Kinney said.

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