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Quarantine-O-Ween: Safe and Spooky Ideas For This Holiday Season

Courtesy of PixabayThe Phoenix gathered five activities, including three budget-friendly ones, to indulge safely this Halloween season.

This year has had no shortage of spookiness, especially with Halloween around the corner. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate while staying safe this fall. Here’s a list of five — including three budget-friendly — activities to keep your goosebumps rising and your temperature steady.

Halloween Candy Taste Test

Those needing an excuse to go sugar crazy on Halloween, look no further. Organizing a Halloween candy taste test for your friends and family is a fun way to determine which spooky treat will come out on top. With all sorts of new contenders, such as green Kit Kats and glow-in-the-dark Hershey’s chocolate, you’ll have to set aside your old favorites to decide which one is truly the best. This option is budget-friendly, perfect for those who may not want to leave the house, but still have a great time.

Courtesy of Pixabay Taste-testing Halloween candy is one inexpensive way to celebrate this year.

Carve Pumpkins

Let the people know you’re serious about spooky season by showing off your pumpkin-carving skills. Spread out a table cloth and get your hands dirty with this essential Halloween activity. Pumpkins can be bought at most grocery stores if journeying to a pumpkin patch is too extravagant. You can freehand a design of your own or print out designs from the internet. You can even opt to decorate the outside of your pumpkin with sharpies and stickers, mess-free. Repurpose your excavated pumpkin seeds by popping them in the oven for roasting, adding some melted butter and sea salt for an extra flavor boost.


Another affordable option is to “ghost” your family and friends. This activity, inspired by the sneaky spirits of Halloween legend, is a fantastic way to show people you’re thinking of them. Simply make a goodie bag and leave it at the doorstep of the person you intend to “ghost.” You can spread the chilly cheers even further by attaching a note encouraging them to do the same to someone else.

Drive-Thru Haunted House at Lincoln Park

Buckle up for a journey full of chills and thrills this season at Lincoln Park’s Drive-Thru Haunted House. Replay Lincoln Park (2833 N. Sheffield Ave.) presents Alley of Darkness from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 2-31 at $75 per car. Roll up your windows and prepare for a spine-tingling experience as you maneuver your way through creeps, ghouls and goblins. Set in a haunted alley, this event will leave you bombarded by sound effects, monsters and even sprays of fake blood. If the prospect of a bloody car wash sounds unappealing, for $25, you can opt to rent one of their cars, which is aired out and sanitized between runs. For ticket sales and additional information, check here.

Courtesy of Pixabay Drive-thru movie showings have been popping up more as a safe way to screen new and old flicks.

See a Spooky Movie at a Drive-In

Catch plenty of spooky screenings this season at one of Chicago’s outdoor movie theaters. For horror classics and cult favorites, The Music Box of Horrors at Chi-Town Movies Drive-In (2343 S. Throop St.) will be transitioning from their previous 24-hour movie marathon into a 31-day-long drive-in event. With tickets at $30 per car for single features and $40 for double features, the lineup includes “The Return of the Living Dead,” “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and “Final Destination.”

Another option is the Davis Theater’s Lincoln Yard’s Pop-Up Drive In (1684 N. Throop St.) where you can witness spine-tingling Korean horror flicks such as “Train to Busan,” brought to you by Asian Pop-Up Cinema. With tickets at $15 per car, it’s the perfect opportunity to pop some corn, tune in your radio and sit back for a unique movie experience

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