Loyola Accepts Its First Test Optional Applicants for Class of 2025

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixWith the pandemic still affecting many students globally, Loyola is allowing the incoming class of 2025 to apply without submitting ACT or SAT test scores.

With the pandemic affecting college admissions across the country, Loyola decided to give prospective students the choice to apply test optional — meaning they don’t have to submit an ACT or SAT score. 

In the past, Loyola required students to submit one of the standardized tests for their admission. But because many test dates have been canceled due to COVID-19, students haven’t had opportunities to take the SAT or ACT in time for admission application deadlines, according to Loyola’s Undergraduate Admission Office (UAO).

The UAO will still look at students’ letters of recommendation, high school grade point average, personal statements/essays, extracurricular activities/resume, transcript and an optional standardized test score, according to the UAO. 

Aside from Loyola’s decision to become test optional, the application process has remained largely the same. 

This new change to the admissions process has led the office to consider the possibilities of Loyola becoming a test optional school even after the admission of the class of 2025, according to the UAO.

Incoming first year applicant Aiden McDougall, a senior at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, a western suburb of Chicago, said his application for Loyola has been easy and having tests out of the picture makes it much simpler to keep track of his applications.

“I love it because I like the idea that a person is more than just some numbers on a page,” McDougall said. “Standardized tests are basically rigged for the rich since tutoring and stuff costs astronomical amounts of money, leaving poorer people who can’t afford tutoring to do worse on the tests and hurt their chance at admission.”

There isn’t a deadline for undergraduate applications, according to the university’s website. The priority deadline to apply is Dec. 1.

Fifty percent of the class of 2023 —last year’s first-year class — had ACT scores ranging between 25 and 30 and SAT scores between 560 to 660 on the verbal portion and 570 to 660 on the math portion, according to the university’s website.

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