Let’s Focus on Pelosi for a Second

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After a grueling five-day wait period — with my own home state, Nevada, garnering intense scrutiny over its ballot counting — the Associated Press (AP) finally called the race for former Vice President Joe Biden.

The 74.8 million people who voted nationally against President Donald Trump can breathe a sigh of relief, but only for a second. Establishment Democrats pushed Biden on claims he would help down-ballot races — but that’s obviously not the case.

While it’s looking like Biden flipped Arizona and Georgia, both Republican strongholds in previous elections, down-ballot Democrat races suffered heavy casualties, and the party needs to take responsibility. 

While Democrats will keep their majority in the house, they have a net loss of five seats with more possibly on the way, Politico reported. Right now, Illinois is on the verge of losing first-year representative Lauren Underwood to GOP challenger Jim Oberweis.

The whole election, moderate Democrats have lambasted progressives and anyone left-of-center as threats in the election, with House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn earlier this week warning if “[Democrats] are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we’re not going to win,” Politico reported

Progressive policies, such as the $15 minimum wage, won the necessary 60 percent supermajority in Florida — despite Biden losing the state by three percentage points. 

Democrats are scrambling to blame someone for the losses: the only one they have to blame is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She’s vying for another two years as Speaker of the House, but it’s time for a change. In her letter to Congress members asking for support, she said she has “the utmost respect for the diverse viewpoints of our Democratic Caucus,” but her track record says otherwise. 

Since reclaiming the House in the 2018 midterm elections, Pelosi has been posturing and painting herself as the leader of a Trump resistance — going as far as famously tearing up Trump’s State of the Union speech earlier this year — despite striking a deal and letting Trump pass the USMCA deal

When the country was in the throes of protests in response to the murder of George Floyd, Pelosi and other Democrats kneeled and wore kente cloth, rather than pass meaningful legislation on policing. Her performative activism reached an all-time high with her endorsement of Rep. Joe Kennedy III — a moderate challenger to progressive Massachusetts senator Ed Markey, a key drafter of the Green New Deal. 

Pelosi’s rejection of progressive policies and lackadaisical effort to oppose the soon-to-be former President Trump shouldn’t be rewarded with another two years. It’s time for new leadership. The Democratic Party is changing and despite what Pelosi says, she’s not the leader moderates or progressives deserve. It’s time to end it.

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