Our Streets LUC Demonstration Coincides with Biden Victory

Our Streets LUC, a student-run protest group calling for the university to better support Black students, went back into the streets Nov. 7. The group first began protesting on and near Loyola’s campus in August, but hasn’t held organized demonstrations for a few weeks. 

The group planned the demonstration days before former Vice President Joe Biden was projected to win the presidency. But when participants gathered outside of Cuneo Hall at 2 p.m. Nov. 7, much of Chicago was celebrating Biden’s win, which was reported only hours earlier.

Group organizers acknowledged Biden’s victory during the demonstration but also said their fight isn’t over. Participants came for a variety of reasons — some with signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” others celebrating Biden’s win by carrying campaign signs or wearing t-shirts with his name on them.

A few signs at the protest were demanding the termination of Erin Moriarty, a university official accused of fostering a “toxic” environment in the Undergraduate Admission Office, The Phoenix reported

At the beginning of the demonstration, organizers referenced Loyola’s tax documents, recently reported by the Phoenix. The investigation revealed men’s basketball Coach Porter Moser made $1,154,781 during the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and University President Jo Ann Rooney made $798,888 during the same year. 

In an Instagram post, Our Streets LUC reacted to the salaries and encouraged students to come out to demonstrate in light of the information. 

“These resources could be put towards our demands that came out over 3 months ago that have made zero progress,” the post read. “show up tomorrow 3PM.”

The protestors were met with lots of honks and shouts of support from community members as Biden’s win rang through the city, and many Chicagoans hit the streets to celebrate. 

Loyola sophomore Trey Johnson, 19, said the group wanted to show up as a reminder to the university that the group is still active. He said the group would have come out whether or not Biden won the election. 

“There’s still a lot to be done,” Johnson, who’s studying marketing, told Phoenix reporters. 

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