Republicans Come Up Big in Governor Races

Courtesy of DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0Republicans win the majority of governorships up for grabs this election.

Republicans are currently projected to win eight out of the 11 governorships up for grabs in this year’s election, according to the Associated Press (AP).

In Indiana, incumbent Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb is projected to win a second term as Indiana’s governor. Holcomb is currently leading with 58 percent of the vote compared to Democratic challenger and former Indiana Health Commissioner Woodrow Myer’s 30 percent.

Meanwhile in Missouri, incumbent Republican Mike Parson survived a challenge to his seat by Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway. Parson won reelection with 57 percent of the vote compared to Galloway’s 41 percent.

In Montana, the AP is reporting Rep. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, is expected to win the governorship over Democrat Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney. Gianforte is currently leading with 51 percent of the vote compared to Cooney’s 45 percent.

The race in Montana was considered a tossup going into Election Day with the Democratic incumbent Steve Bullock running unsuccessfully for Senate. 

As for the other eight governor’s races, the AP is projecting Democratic victories in Washington, Delaware and North Carolina, while Republicans have won in North Dakota, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.

A previous version of this article misspelled Gov. Eric Holcomb’s name. It has since been corrected.

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