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Epic Space Voyage Continues in Second Season of ‘The Mandalorian’

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The return of the solemn bounty hunter and his motley crew in the second season of “The Mandalorian” is packed to the brim with action and positively expands the “Star Wars” universe. 

Premiering Oct. 30 on Disney+, the new season — which consists of eight 30-40 minute episodes — picks up right where the previous season left off with the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) setting off to reunite “The Child” with its people.

There’s never a dull moment in a bounty hunter’s life. As the Mandalorian takes on new missions, he also meets characters who help him along the way. Like a well-prepared intergalactic space dish, creator Jon Favreau and his team of writers sprinkle just the right amount of fan service which are scenes meant to please the audience. Old and new fans alike will be surprised to see some familiar faces returning to the hit series. 

The show also adds the perfect amount of tension throughout the newest season. The stakes are much higher than ever before and characters question their way of life in order to get the job done. 

Courtesy of Disney+ Season two of “The Mandalorian” premiered on Disney+ Oct. 30.

In the eight episodes, the Mandalorian finds himself on cold, desolate planets with deadly creatures. As he meets strangers, he must decide if they can be trusted with his mission.

Changing up the tempo of the show, different directors add their own flare to each episode they oversee. They show their cinematic expertise and connect their previous film experience into the “Star Wars” universe. Such techniques will be explained on Dec. 25 with an hour long behind the scenes episode set to release on Disney+.

The “Star Wars” universe has always been known for its unique planets and world building, and “The Mandalorian” continues to find different ways of creating new planets and aliens. 

The show’s use of computer animation will hopefully change fans’ opinions about the remastering of the original Star Wars trilogy where special effects were not well received. The computer animation puts life into the planets, including the wide range of costumes aliens wear that make the show more authentic than ever before.

Emmy Award-winning composer Ludwig Göransson returns with his legendary theme, putting the viewers in a galaxy far, far away. Göransson’s combination of tribal music and organic instruments, like guitars and pianos, continues to build on the Western and out-of-this-world effect. 

With well-choreographed fights and amazing characters, “The Mandalorian” doesn’t fail to deliver suspense throughout the show. When a television series is set in the “Star Wars” universe, including a great plot and cast, the results can be spectacular. The show is a space adventure definitely worth paying attention to. 

All episodes of “The Mandalorian” are available on Disney+.

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