Living Near Loyola? Here is How to Get Tested for COVID-19

Zack Miller | The PhoenixThe Phoenix breaks down how and where students living near Loyola can get tested for COVID-19.

With COVID-19 cases at a record high in Illinois, testing facilities are growing increasingly busy. Here is how and where students can get tested at and near Loyola during this spike in cases. 

How can I get tested at Loyola?

Testing for COVID-19 is currently available on the Health Sciences and Lake Shore Campus (LSC).

Testing doesn’t take place in the Wellness Center. Instead, satellite clinics were created to accommodate COVID-19 testing needs. These clinics are staffed by Wellness Center medical providers. 

Rapid results tests will come back in 15 minutes and PCR tests will come back in 3-4 days, according to Joan Holden, director of the Wellness Center.

If you are feeling ill and have questions about symptoms or want to schedule an appointment to get tested, you should contact The Wellness Center through Dial-A-Nurse at (773) 508-8883 or schedule a nurse triage appointment online, according to The Wellness Center. 

Loyola has also developed a symptom checker app where students can check their symptoms with common COVID-19 symptoms. Students are recommended to use the app if they’re feeling sick but aren’t sure if their symptoms are linked to COVID-19.

Where are satellite clinics located?

The LSC satellite clinic is located at 6576 N. Sheridan Road. The clinic is open during different time slots Monday-Saturday.

Satellite testing at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus won’t be open until the Wellness Center determines the need for it since the campus is mostly vacant, according to Holden.

The satellite clinics will not be open over holiday weekends or breaks and require an appointment. Students who qualify for targeted testing will be tested more frequently. 

What is targeted testing?

Targeted testing is for students who fall into specific high-risk categories and is available through the Wellness Center. These students will be tested regularly. Students are notified if they are in a group that will require targeted testing. These don’t include students who feel ill or just wish to be tested for COVID-19.

Testing for these groups is conducted in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at LSC. This testing is conducted by Wellness Center medical staff. 

I can’t get tested at Loyola. Now what?

Some of the testing sites near LSC include Heartland Health Center (1300 W. Devon Ave.), Physicians Immediate Care (6140 N. Broadway) and Howard Brown Health Clark (6500 N. Clark St.). Though these locations are open and close to Loyola, all of them have different requirements for testing.

Heartland Health Centers is a drive-through, requires an appointment and a referral from a doctor and tests are currently limited to certain patients. Physicians Immediate Care tests all patients and doesn’t require a referral, but requires people to make an appointment. Howard Brown Health Clark has walk-up testing and the clinic doesn’t require an appointment or referral.

Unless it’s a rapid test, results may take several days to come back.

Correction: A previous version of this article listed Howard Brown Health Clark as a drive-through testing center. The clinic only provides walk-up testing. We regret this error and it has been corrected.

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