The Phoenix’s Year in Review: 2020 in Opinion

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In a year that seemed like it would last forever, 2020 is finally coming to a close and is leaving in its path a multitude of historical events. Whether it was about the current COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice and equity, Loyola’s administration or the contentious presidential election — The Phoenix’s opinion contributors had lots to say.

Loyola Should Sell Grass to Make Green (Jan. 15)

Sean Hemmersmeier

Zack Miller | The Phoenix Loyola should cash in on the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois by opening a dispensary near campus, through Loyola Limited.

Sean Hemmersmeier gives a solution to help a cash-strapped Loyola: selling recreational cannabis. While the idea is contingent on the passing of some legislation, Loyola could model an on-campus dispensary to similar student ventures such as the bar in the Damen Student Center basement. 

STAFF EDITORIAL: Why We Should Care About the Tribune Crashing (Feb. 5)

Phoenix Editorial Board

Courtesy of Pexels “The Tribune could end up a classic case of ‘we don’t know what we got ‘til it’s gone,'” The Phoenix Editorial Board writes.

The Phoenix’s Editorial Board laments the economic downturn of the Chicago Tribune, and why everyone — regardless of where you get your news from — should care. 

Racism: A Plague that Haunts the United States (June 15)

Lucas Williamson III

Zack Miller | The Phoenix Police officers stand in front of their defaced vehicles while a protester holds a sign during a demonstration in Federal Plaza May 30.

Following George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, guest opinion contributor and Loyola basketball player Lucas Williamson III writes about how racism has affected the country and what can be done to fix it. 

Four Years On: Loyola Under Rooney (Sept. 16)

Michael Lachenmeyer

Courtesy of Loyola University Chicago “If President Rooney wants to fix her relationship with the student body, then she has a lot of work to do,” opinion contributor Michael Lachenmeyer writes.

Opinion contributor Michael Lachenmeyer evaluates Loyola President Jo Ann Rooney’s four-year tenure. 

Essay: I Said Goodbye to Social Media (Sept. 30)

Eva Darow

Rylee Tan | The Loyola Phoenix “The best decision I made during quarantine — while somewhat drastic — was to delete my Instagram and Snapchat accounts,” opinion contributor Eva Darow writes.

In a time of pandemic-induced social isolation, opinion contributor Eva Darow deleted her social media — and liked it.

Essay: How I Celebrate My Mixed Heritage, Every Day of the Year (Oct. 7)

Rylee Tan

Courtesy of Patricia Tan “Family game night back home means games of mahjong, loteria and plenty of music,” opinion editor Rylee Tan writes.

Opinion Editor Rylee Tan reflects on his mixed heritage as Filipino American History Month kicked off in October. 

Essay: Dear Kappa Delta: Read the Room (Oct. 7)

Alexis Hodo

Alexis Hodo | The Phoenix In an organization claiming to foster women who are honorable, beautiful and highest, Kappa Delta alumna Amy Coney Barrett is just the opposite.

The national chapter of the Kappa Delta sorority posted praise for controversial U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret — a former member — earlier this year. Opinion contributor Alexis Hodo, also a former member, writes about her disappointment with the organization’s now-deleted post. 

STAFF EDITORIAL: Loyola Preaches Social Justice But Falls Short When It Comes to Indigenous Peoples Day (Oct. 14)

Phoenix Editorial Board

Rylee Tan | The Phoenix “New Lands in North America Explored and Evangelized by Fathers of the Society of Jesus,” a mural in Loyola’s Cudahy Library.

Chicago’s Columbus statues are gone now, but Loyola’s racist art in Cudahy Library remains. The Phoenix’s Editorial Board calls on Loyola to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day and stay committed to its social justice mission. 

Joe Biden Won. Now What? (Nov. 11)

Aadil Kamran

Courtesy of Ted Eytan | Flickr “If we don’t acknowledge the faults of the pre-Trump years and the appeal Trump had, then we risk getting an evil greater than Trump,” opinion contributor Aadil Kamran writes.

Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has won the presidency, opinion contributor Aadil Kamran writes about what people need to do to avoid another Trump-like figure rising to power. 

The Threats The Phoenix Faces (Nov. 18)

Michael Lachenmeyer 

Rylee Tan | The Phoenix “If it’s possible to have editors who reflect the gender statistics of the university, then it should also be possible to have editors who reflect its racial makeup,” opinion contributor Michael Lachenmeyer writes.

Opinion contributor Michael Lachenmeyer writes about The Phoenix’s past, present and future — and what it needs to do to better represent the community it writes for.

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