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From the Editor’s Desk: Mary Chappell — Dog Walker Extraordinaire

When I went home to Denver for winter break, I knew I’d need a way to make some extra cash since I’d be home for more than a month.

I wanted a job that would be mostly non-human-contact due to COVID-19, so I signed up through an app to be a dog walker. I picked up most dogs while owners weren’t home, so it was a safe and reasonable choice.

Growing up, I had several dogs and loved to take care of them. Being the baby of the family, I was always able to convince my dad to rescue dogs from local shelters. But my parents downsized and moved into an apartment when I was in middle school, meaning my dog days were over. I hadn’t made a ton of contact with dogs since, but this recent opportunity rekindled my love for the furry friends.

I spent the break walking nearly 40 dogs across Denver, juggling leashes and picking up more dog poop than a person would want. But I loved every second, minus the poop pick-up — why is crouching to pick up dog poop the most embarrassing and dehumanizing thing? Is that just me?

Dog breeds and resulting temperaments are fascinating to me, so it was definitely fun to meet all the different personalities. They also came with a variety of names, some pretty hilarious. I think my favorite was a lab mix named T-Bone.

The gig worked wonders for my mood and gave me a furry fix. I snapped a picture of some of the dogs I had the privilege to walk so that you, our readers, could have a little boost of serotonin when reading this piece, especially as we get through a dreary January in Chicago.

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