Coyote Captured by Authorities in Rogers Park

Leen Yassine | The PhoenixThe coyote was spotted in the block of 6400 N. Newgard Ave.

A coyote was captured just half a mile from Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus March 25, authorities said.

At approximately 12:11 p.m., Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers arrived at 6400 N. Newgard Ave. after receiving reports of a “vicious animal,” according to the CPD. Chicago Animal Care and Control was notified and the incident was controlled by CPD officers on the scene.

“[I was] surprised and worried about my dog’s safety,” said Bella Sosa, a resident of Rogers Park and student at Loyola. “I am going to continue doing what I do but just be extra vigilant.”

Some residents of Rogers Park have growing concerns about the coyote’s safety after an image circulated online of Chicago police officers holding the coyote up by its neck with the use of an animal-control pole. 

“I’m very tired of seeing the disgusting image of cops with guns drawn dangling the coyote in the air by its neck,” said a resident of the Rogers Park area. “CPD doesn’t make us feel safe and there was no need to surround it with guns. Shooting would have been a much bigger safety risk.”

CPD didn’t comment on this complaint. 

The coyote was released out into the woods after being captured, according to Animal Control. No further information was given. 

No further investigation was made, according to the CPD, suggesting there were no sustained injuries.

For information on what to do when in contact with a coyote, visit Chicago’s Animal Control and Care Website.

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