BREAKING: Loyola Dean of Undergraduate Admission Erin Moriarty Resigns

Katie Anthony | The PhoenixAssociate Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Admission Erin Moriarty resigned from her position at Loyola, effective May 14.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Admission Erin Moriarty has resigned effective May 14, according to Loyola spokesperson Anna Rozenich.

Moriarty, who has worked at Loyola for 17 years, was accused of creating a “toxic atmosphere of hostility, intimidation, fear and manipulation within the Undergraduate Admission Office (UAO), especially pertaining to people of color,” prompting the university to hire an external investigator to look into the claims, The Phoenix reported

The investigation, which concluded in December, found Moriarty “not responsible” for the accused “hostile work environment, discrimination, or retaliation.”

Marcus Mason, the university’s former associate director of admission, resigned Sept. 4 citing discriminatory behavior in his resignation letter. The letter, which was made public by Our Streets LUC — a student group advocating for better support for students of color, among other things — prompted weeks of protests on campus calling for Moriarty’s resignation.

The investigation — which was conducted by Albin Law, a Chicago firm that specializes in workplace investigations — and its outcome drew criticism from Our Streets LUC for not finding Moriarty responsible.

“After months of investigating, and an alleged external investigation, there is no logical way that Erin Moriarty can evade any form of punishment,” the group’s statement, posted in December, read.

In a statement posted to Our Streets LUC’s Instagram page May 14, the group said Moriarty’s departure was both a cause for excitement and disappointment.

“We can’t help but be disappointed in the way the university mishandled this situation,” the statement said. “Unfortunately, Erin Moriarty will likely leave and work at another university, where she will continue to torment BIPOC. This is a direct result of Loyola’s lack of accountability.”

Todd Malone, Senior Associate Director of Admission, will serve as Interim Dean of Undergraduate Admission while the search for a new one begins, according to Rozenich.

Moriarty didn’t respond to requests for comment. According to an email obtained by The Phoenix, school administrators have known about the resignation since May 4.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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