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Rosca’s Ramblings: It’s Farewell For Now, Not Forever

This, dear reader of the Ramblings, is a goodbye column from yours truly. The time has come for me to leave my favorite four years of college and enter The Real World. And I can’t think of a better way to immortalize my college time than in this way. 

I’m not sure there’s anything that says “Emily Rosca” more than shooting a bunch of film and rambling way too much (although, maybe mentioning grammar and Whole Foods could do the trick, too).

I thought for a long time about how I wanted to close out this column that lives in a paper that has not only shaped my college career but also much of who I am as a person. The Phoenix, both as a vessel for my words and as a collective of wonderful people, has been a gateway for learning how to write well and edit strongly. It has allowed me to meet some of my favorite bands and actors, attend a multitude of music festivals and concerts, and get to meet some of the coolest people both inside and outside the newsroom.

Emily Rosca | The Phoenix One of the pre-pandemic joys was gathering with the Phoens, as we referred to each other.

What if I would have never discovered Central Camera? Imagine what a travesty that would’ve been. Because for me, that beloved space also has a connection to this paper. 

I’ve mentioned before that the first film camera I bought myself from Central was a small Vivitar point and shoot. That gold mine of a camera produced this black-and-white photograph that you’ll come to find as the majority of my profile pictures. (And it was taken in The Phoenix’s newsroom back when, you know, we were allowed in.) 

Courtesy of Emily Rosca For me, the key to taking film photos indoors has always been to use flash and black-and-white film.

There has been a lot of laughter and happiness (and some hardships, too, admittedly) to have come with this paper, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Ending your undergraduate years calls for some sap, as much as I might hate to share it. As cliche as it is, college really has been the best four years, and I just have to admit it. Aside from the social aspect, which honestly, who doesn’t love, I’m going to miss taking classes and formally learning about topics I may not have gotten to interact with otherwise. But I’m excited to have chosen a career and post-grad job that allows me to satisfy that curiosity for myself and readers on a daily basis. 

Now, I say that this isn’t goodbye forever because who knows, maybe one day Ramblings will find their way on some other part of the internet’s writing sphere. Who’s to say for sure. 

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