Harry Styles Brings His Fabulous ‘Love on Tour’ to Chicago

Courtesy of Winnie Lam | Columbia RecordsHarry Styles came to Chicago as part of "Love on Tour" tour Sept. 24 and 25.

Anyone within a mile radius of the United Center Sept. 24 and Sept. 25 saw thousands of people streaming into the venue for the Harry Styles concert — fans came dressed in pearls, feather boas, flare out pants and even wedding dresses, each of them with smiles hidden underneath their required masks. 

The show began with opening act Jenny Lewis, a 45-year-old folk-rock singer. She dazzled the stage in a blue and pink romper with fringe dangling from her arms as strummed her guitar. She played her most popular songs, including “Just One of the Guys,” before she was escorted off the stage by a man wearing a dog costume, which was believed to be an ode to her dog. 

As soon as the lights dimmed in preparation for Styles’ arrival, the deafening screams of teenage girls likely could be heard from miles away. His band, dressed head-to-toe in white, began to play the opening of “Golden” and the former boy-band member rose from center stage as the first verse started. 

Styles — always a proud representative for Gucci — paid tribute by wearing a custom outfit for each night of the tour. On Friday he wore a black, bedazzled button-down, his signature light purple flare out pants and suspenders to match. On Saturday, he wore a red floral top with matching red silk pants and red suspenders. 

Courtesy of Winnie Lam | Columbia Records Harry Styles performed songs from his hit 2019 album “Fine Line.”

Fans of “Fine Line” track “To Be So Lonely” had their prayers answered on Saturday, as Styles performed the song live for the first time ever. His setlist also included fan favorites  “Sunflower, Vol. 6” — regular version and extra spicy funk remix — “Canyon Moon,” with a tropical twist and “Falling” with the intro of his first album’s song “Two Ghosts.” 

Along with his solo songs, he paid homage to One Direction by singing a rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful.” This was a personal thank you to his fans that have been with him on his musical journey for eleven years total. 

During “She,” guitarist Mitch Rowland delivered a wicked guitar solo while Harry showed off some wacky dance moves. Each song had unique visuals, including falling bunnies, colorblocked images of mirror images of the singer.      

If there is one thing Harry Styles specializes in, it’s driving crowds crazy with his charismatic and extroverted personality. To really connect with his Chicago dwelling audience he took a poll by applause of which pizza they preferred Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s, or so-called “alternative pizza.”

Courtesy of Winnie Lam | Columbia Records Harry Styles performed two sold-out shows in Chicago Sept. 24 and 25.

To kick off the encore, Styles teased fans with the opening notes of his debut single “Sign of the Times.” During this emotional number, he waved a Black Lives Matter flag in support of the movement. 

The final two songs were an upbeat change, as he performed his radio-famous and Grammy Award-winning song “Watermelon Sugar.” He informed the crowd he would “take it home” with his final song choice “Kiwi,” as he wildly danced around the stage backed by flashing lights.  

The concert was more than just a collection of Styles’ hit songs, but a true enticing work of art. With unique lighting, song arrangements, conversations to the crowd and exhilarating energy, it was surely worth the cost of the tickets — even though they were on the pricey side ranging anywhere from $80 to over $500. 

After two years of waiting for a second album, a rescheduled tour and a global pandemic, Harry Styles managed to deliver a spectacular show two nights in a row. 

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