Loyola’s Instagram Inactivity Sparks Student Questions

Nicky Andrews | The PhoenixLoyola’s Instagram is on its 33rd week of inactivity

Loyola’s Instagram account has gone silent, sparking questions across the student body. Its last post referenced Martin Luther King day Jan. 18.

Sophomore biology major Lainey O’Boyle said it’s a little strange Loyola isn’t keeping students in the loop of what’s going on on campus through social media. 

“I think it’s weird not posting,” junior Sarah Atwell said. “If they are redoing their Instagram I think they should post that they will be back soon or something.” 

In addition to posts coming to halt, Loyola also turned off comments on their last three posts.  Loyola spokesperson Anna Shymanski Zach said comments on the Instagram posts haven’t been fully deleted, they’ve just been paused. 

Sophomore forensic science major Nayeli Varges said it seems like Loyola paused the comments because they want to preserve their image. 

“I think that it’s kinda weird that they would delete all their comments,” Atwell, 20, said. “Loyola is very much a public place and people can voice their opinion on social media. I could understand if they were really vulgar, but if it was just feedback they should respond or deal with it and not just delete the comment.”

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) directly manages and monitors Loyola’s four primary social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Shymanski Zach said. 

“UMC is evaluating the university’s social media approach overall, which includes hiring a director of social media, and during this time, Instagram is temporarily paused,” Shymanski Zach said.

Shymanski Zach wouldn’t answer questions about whether the comments on Instagram contributed to the university’s decision to re-evaluate their social media approach. 

“It makes me think about what those comments said and why the school felt the need to pause them,” O’Boyle said. “Why don’t the students have the freedom to comment on what they feel on social media?”

Despite Loyola’s pause in posting, the main Instagram account, @loyolachicago, still remains popular, recording a 14% increase in followers in the last quarter alone, according to Shymanski Zach.

“The primary Instagram account remains a valuable channel for Loyola, and while a timetable has not been set on reengaging the account, the plan is to resume posting,” Shymanski Zach said.

Though Instagram is a way to connect with students through social media, students still regularly receive information from Loyola’s different departments via email, newsletters, website updates, webinars, text messages and campus digital panels, as well as by following Loyola’s other social media accounts, Shymanski Zach said. 

“I think Loyola not posting is kind of sending out a bad image because so many other universities are more in tune with their social media and more in touch with the times,” Vargas, 19, said. “Not everyone checks their email.”

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