Major Storm Causes Flooding in Loyola Buildings

Griffin Krueger | The PhoenixFive buildings, including student dorms, were impacted by the Aug. 24 storm.

During a storm Aug. 24, Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus experienced flooding in some residence halls and other buildings on campus, causing some students to be relocated. 

The buildings affected were Fairfield Hall, Coffey Hall, Flanner Hall, the mailroom and Cudahy Library. Seventeen students had to be relocated for the rest of the school year, according to Senior Associate Vice President of Facilities Kana Henning.

“The torrential rains caused the city’s storm systems to be overwhelmed, which in turn caused backup into our building,” Henning said.

The ground floor of Fairfield Hall flooded and repairs are still in progress, Henning said. 

The repairs — which include removing flooring and about an inch of drywall — are expected to take two to three weeks. Henning said Loyola hopes to have students living on the first floor again by fall 2022. 

Students have been relocated to other residence hall assignments so that infrastructure improvements can be made to mitigate storm-related damage in the future, Henning said. 

Students affected were relocated to rooms in Bellarmine Hall and Marquette Hall. Director of Residence Life, Deb Schmidt-Rogers, explained they tried to find spaces that were, “as ‘Fairfield-like’ as possible.”

Cian Dotson, a sophomore biochemistry major, was one of the students who was relocated as a result of the flooding.

“It didn’t affect me personally very much, aside from moving my housing assignment from Fairfield to Bellarmine, I have come to see it as an improvement to my last assignment,” he said.

Dotson explained he and his roommate are now fully acclimated to their new housing situation and overall he thought the process ran smoothly. 

“Despite not explicitly saying that the flooding of the building was the cause of my move, I think residence life did a good job of communicating this early enough so that there wouldn’t be any confusion come move-in day,” he said.

Loyola has faced similar flooding issues in Simpson Hall and Marquette Hall in the past, The Phoenix reported.

Other buildings, including Cudahy Library, had issues following the storm as well — however  the extent of these floods was not as serious as the damage that occurred in Fairfield Hall. 

Iris Joseph, a junior cognitive behavioral neuroscience major, works in the library and witnessed the flooding Aug 24. 

“I was pushing my cart, and then I felt that my feet were wet,” she said. “It was a massive puddle that they had to put a bunch of signs around.”

There was no significant damage done to the library. 

“Like many of the older buildings on campus, Cudahy does have some vulnerabilities,” Dean of University Libraries, Marianne Ryan, said. “When any issues arise, we work with Campus Facilities to resolve them.” 

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