Despite Rumors, In-person Classes Won’t Shift Online After Thanksgiving Break

Zack Miller | The Phoenix

Loyola cleared up rumors classes would move online after Thanksgiving break. 

Loyola spokesperson Anna Shymanski Zach confirmed in an email to The Phoenix that classes will not shift to remote learning after Thanksgiving break. 

Rumors of in-person classes shifting online after Thanksgiving break began circulating after some professors told students the university informed them there was a possibility the last few weeks of the semester would be delivered online.

Shymanski Zach didn’t comment on whether the university was ever considering shifting classes online after Thanksgiving break. 

Shymanski Zach said there have been “near zero rates of positivity” for COVID-19 since the start of the fall semester. Since the start of the fall semester, there have been 130 COVID-19 cases at Loyola, according to the university’s COVID-19 dashboard, which only shows tests administered by Loyola.

To maintain the small number of COVID-19 cases on campus after Thanksgiving break, Shymanski Zach said the university encourages those who are travelling to participate in surveillance testing before and after returning from break. 

She also said the university encourages everyone to practice COVID-19 safety measures, including social distancing and wearing masks indoors.   

“We are confident that our community will continue to show care for self and others by demonstrating positive behaviors during the upcoming Thanksgiving break,” Shymanski Zach said. 

Abby Utley, a junior majoring in multimedia journalism, said although she had heard rumors from a few other students, she isn’t surprised to learn Loyola won’t shift to remote learning after break because she believes the university would have informed everyone earlier if they were planning on doing so.

Loyola initially shifted online March 2020, The Phoenix reported. While the university began offering more in-person classes during the fall 2020 term, it wasn’t until fall 2021 when all students returned to campus, The Phoenix reported

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