‘Love For Sale’ is a Classical Tribute to a Great Composer

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Calling all Lady Gaga fans, the pop icon has released her second collection of jazz-filled tunes featuring the effervescent talent of Tony Bennett. The two have once again collaborated to introduce the 12-track album, “Love For Sale.” 

The nature of the album is upbeat and melodious, giving listeners a glimpse into the wonderful world of jazz. Bennett and Gaga blend well while singing their classy duets. Every song on the album feels as though it could be pulled from a black and white movie — it strikes the target they were shooting for right on the bullseye. 

Dedicated to American composer Cole Porter, the album boasts covers of his songs and original lyrics. It’s a great way to honor Porter and bring his music back to life.

Bennett and Gaga are a splendid pair for a cover album honoring a great composer. Their voices overlap each other in a smooth way that gives it that twentieth-century charm, with  “You’re The Top” featuring the pair trading lyrics back and forth contrasting Gaga’s enthusiastic delivery with Bennett’s raspier, rawer voice along with a saxophone melody filling the background. 

This tribute to Cole Porter brings life into some of his most famous tunes, such as “You’re the  Top,” “Night and Day” and “I Get a Kick Out of You.” Even the album’s title is a tribute to Porter’s original music.

Both artists bring two solo songs to the record, “Do I Love You” and “Let’s Do It” sung by Gaga while Bennett takes the lead on “So In Love” and “Just One Of Those Things.” All four produce an atmospheric vintage feeling by bringing in those smooth beats paired with the rhythmic piano chords that have been adored by people for decades.

Courtesy of Interscope Records Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released ‘Love for Sale’ on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Existing in the same world as “Chromatica,” “Love For Sale” is a successful 180 on Gaga’s musical ability. Her solo song “Do I Love You” is a mellow, sophisticated lament about a lover. The song sounds straight out of an animated Disney movie — contradicting her regular style of fast and flashy beats in her own albums. It provides a nice change and a new view of her musical abilities. 

 “Dreaming of you, I composed a tune /  So will you listen to it, dear,” she sings.

Similarly, the snappy song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” is a fresh melody of traditional beats and lyrics, which is unique for Gaga’s discography, a collection filled with the soft rock, country tones of “Joanne” and cyberpunk beats of “Dawn Of Chromatica.” She goes full musical theater on the album and gives fans a new side of her talents, one they would hear while watching a Broadway show.

Their relationship also plays a key factor in their ability to sound so delightful. In an Apple Music interview, Gaga said, “I know he’s 95 years old, but I see a young boy every time I sing with him.” Bennett’s young-at-heart attitude toward his music benefits the quality of what he is producing.

  Listeners will find no evidence of his old age and Alzheimer’s diagnosis in songs such as “So In Love” where he is crystal clear and euphonious in his lyrics.

Even the cover art is spot on. Their formal attire photo paired with some abstract artwork in the background gives the feel of a record cover from older days. Everything about the release transports the listener back in time to the glamorous, flashy sounds of the 1920s.

“Love For Sale” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

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