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Column: The Phoenix Staff Makes Their Picks for the MVC Men’s Basketball Season

Zack Miller | The PhoenixThe Phoenix editors give their takes on the Missouri Valley Conference season ahead — no matter their level of expertise with the sport.

With the men’s basketball season just days away, the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) is gearing up for what’s expected to be an exciting year. 

However, basketball season isn’t just for the sports editors.

The Loyola Phoenix staff members each have their own thoughts on who will take the 2021 MVC title, and they aren’t afraid to share them. 


Katie Anthony: Loyola

Back in 2018 when the team made it to the Final Four, I somehow snuck into Damen as a highschool senior to watch with a crowd of Loyola students — now that I’m a college senior I selfishly want the team to be good this year so I can experience that again. 

Co-Managing Editors

Rylee Tan: Loyola

Aside from the fact Loyola is slated for second in the pre-season poll, I have high hopes for Drew Valentine. Now that Porter Moser is gone, Valentine can take the reins and lead the team to victory. 

Zack Miller: Loyola

Loyola’s depth and older talent are going to carry them to the top. They face tough competition but I think what they have going for them outweighs what’s ahead.

News Editors

Kayleigh Padar: Missouri State

I think Missouri State is going to win because my best friend from high school goes to a school in Missouri. Not Missouri State, but probably around there.

Ananya Chandhok: Valparaiso 

If someone held a gun to my head and asked me about men’s basketball, I’d be dead. With that being said, Valparaiso is the one name I can’t pronounce, so I’m putting my life at stake for them. 

Nicky Andrews: Bradley

It sounds like the school is named after a dog and I like dogs. 

A&E Editors

Alec Karam: Bradley

Last year they placed eighth in the MVC, but the Bradley Braves should win because their name shows they care about alliteration and that’s what makes a girlboss. I won a sports bet despite watching none, so consider me an expert.

Paige Twenter: Missouri State Bears football

I’m from “Mizzoruh” and I legally have to cheer on teams from the Show Me state. 

Disclaimer: I’m an A&E writer, not a sports writer, and thus don’t know the difference between basketball and football.

Sports Editors

Lu Calzada: Loyola

I’ve said it once — well, on this page, at least — and I’ll say it again: Loyola can take it all home again this year. With their graduate returners and a strong 2020-21 season behind them, I really think they have what it takes. 

Amelia Ickes: Loyola

I think the return of the four seniors, along with some really exciting newcomers, will lead the Ramblers to success this year. I’m also really excited to see what Drew Valentine will do at the helm. 

Fernando Molia Bier: Loyola

Defense wins championships! Lucas Williamson — MVC Defensive Player of the Year — returns to the No. 1 defense of the 2020-21 season. 

Social Media Editor

Leslie Owen: Drake 

I’m choosing the Drake basketball team because up until this year I thought that they were Duke. Duke is cool.

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