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From the Editor’s Desk: The Students Behind the Bylines

This week, I wanted to shine a light on the people that really keep The Phoenix running — our writers. 

I know what you’re probably thinking — obviously, writers keep a newspaper running. That’s what a newspaper is, words that are written. But, with only 11 editors on our small staff, our writers are especially essential to our operation. 

These student journalists volunteer their time and skills to create stories that make our paper what it is. Last week, our editorial board wrote a piece about dwindling newspaper budgets, including our own. This year, we had to cut seven paid staff positions and reduce our circulation by over two-thirds — through it all though, our writers continued putting out kick-ass content.

The Phoenix has an open-door policy for writers — meaning no applications, no interviews, no AP Style quizzes. If you want to try your hand at journalism, we’ll let you. Thus, many of our writers join The Phoenix completely new to the world of reporting and they work hard to learn all the quirks of writing for print. It’s been said about a million times in the newsroom — writing for The Phoenix is the best journalism class you’ll ever take at Loyola.

During my years on The Phoenix, I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of our writers go from submitting drafts cluttered with errors and incomplete sentences to producing in-depth investigations. They’re dedicated, and they commit their time and effort to stories not for a paycheck or a grade, but for the love of the paper. Without them, you’d be looking at a whole lot of blank pages.

This week is no different — our writers have some great stories for you. News writer Aidan Cahill looks into student claims that Loyola isn’t holding up it’s promise to stock bathrooms with menstrual products. Another news writer, Leen Yassine, talked to community members about how the neighborhood is preparing to welcome Afghan refugees.

In sports, writer Gabbi Lumma breaks down basketball terminology so fans are ready for the upcoming season and Jack Barron, another writer, previews the women’s team. Over in A&E, writer Peter Stuart reviews the Loyola play “Radium Girls” and Aqib Rasheed, The Phoenix’s go-to movie review writer, gives his thoughts on Marvel’s “Eternals.”

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