Phoenix 101: A Guide for Spring Class Registration

Zack Miller | The PhoenixThe Phoenix compiled resources for students to utilize as they prepare for class registration, which begins Nov. 15.

As the fall semester enters its later stages, emails in students’ inboxes have started to remind them that the spring semester is right around the corner. 

Registration for spring classes will begin the week of Nov. 15. Students can find their appointment times on LOCUS, the school’s student information portal, under the “Manage Classes” tab. 

“Enrollment appointments are the exact time and date in which you can start enrolling, they are not a physical appointment where you meet with someone,” said Katie Hill, an academic advisor with First and Second-Year Advising (FYSA).

As registration begins there are few key things students should keep in mind, and The Phoenix compiled some resources to assist with the stress of the registration process. 

What if I need help forming my schedule?

Scheduling conflicts may arise if students don’t allow for enough time to commute between campuses or buildings. To avoid headaches, there are a few resources students can utilize.  

Hill explained FYSA usually recommends students who are planning to commute between the Water Tower Campus (WTC) and (LSC) should allow for an hour between scheduled classes.

Students can use the Coursicle website to create a visual of their schedule and gain a better sense of the timing of their classes. 

By searching for Loyola on the website, students can find all of the classes Loyola offers and can add the ones they plan to enroll in to their schedule. The website also allows you to make several different versions of a schedule so that students can craft their perfect spring schedule. 

The Navigate website, which is run by the university, offers a similar feature. The Navigate app is a resource which allows students to create their academic plans. Students can sign into Navigate using their Loyola ID and password. 

“Students are able to continue making changes to their spring schedule up until the end of the add/drop week in spring 2022,” Hill said.

The university also offers “Academic Plan Templates,” which can be found on the school’s advising website.  

How does the registration schedule work?

The registration schedule for undergraduate students gives priority registration to honors students, depending on when they enrolled at Loyola. Hill explained that honors students admitted as of 2019 still get to register before the rest of their class, just not before older students, as honors students enrolled before 2019 get to.

There may be additional groups that have priority registration such as students involved in athletic programs and those with disabilities who get earlier registration as a part of their accommodations. Hill recommended these students double check their appointment time to avoid any confusion. 

After that, the schedule is based on how many credit hours each student has earned so far, including accepted transfer credit. Generally, seniors pick their classes first, as they have fewer classes they need to complete and enroll in more specific courses, and first-years go last in the process as they have the fewest completed credits, Hill explained.

Most first-years can expect their appointment to be on Friday, Nov. 19, according to the official university registration schedule.

What is the Process of Registration Itself?

Class registration will be completed on LOCUS during each student’s assigned appointment time. Courses can be found through the search function on LOCUS, students can also add classes they are interested in to their “shopping cart,” which can make the day of registration run more smoothly.

Academic advisors strongly advise students to read all of the course details before adding a class to the shopping cart, Hill said.

“Your enrollment shopping cart has an additional feature called validate which helps you see if you are going to get a registration error when the time comes,” Hill said.

Further, she recommended that students have several back-up options prepared for courses in their schedule, just in case courses reach capacity before their scheduled appointment time. 

“I recommend checking your shopping cart once registration opens on the 15th every day, if one of your planned courses closes,” Hill said. “That gives you time to change it before your enrollment appointment.”

What is the university core?

All Loyola students need to complete the university’s core requirements in order to graduate. There are 16 courses included totaling 48 credit hours. The core has nine knowledge areas and the college writing seminar. Although requirements can change slightly depending on individual majors.

“To see your specific core requirements please utilize your academic requirement report on LOCUS under academic progress,“ Hill said.

Some examples of core classes are THEO 107: Introduction to Religious Studies, which fulfils the tier 1 requirement for the Theological and Religious Knowledge area, and ANTH 101: Human Origins, which takes care of the tier 2 requirement in the Scientific Literacy knowledge area.

Hill recommended that students review and keep in mind their specific major requirements, when registering for next semester’s classes.

“After you register, go in and check your academic requirement report to make sure your selected courses are fulfilling the requirements,” she said. 

If I need help, how can I get in touch with my advisor?

Students can schedule meetings with their academic advisors using Navigate

Students should schedule meetings with their advisor if they need to talk about studying abroad, reviewing their academic plan, academic difficulties, or academic probation.

Students can also take advantage of express/drop-in advising if they have a quick question about using LOCUS, want to change their major/minor, or need assistance enrolling in or dropping a course. 

Hill explained that First and Second-Year Advising is offering extended express advising hours the week of registration, from 9 am to 3:30 pm. You can access FSYA’s express advising on the FSYA’s main website

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