ReRuns: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Will Make You Scream at the TV

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I was feeling “epic” so I started rewatching “The Vampire Diaries” with my roommate this year.

Back in 2009, when television network The CW was slightly less cringy than it is now — and long before the time of “Riverdale” — “The Vampire Diaries” premiered.

While I was too young to watch it during its original release, I started streaming it on Netflix my first year of high school and I became obsessed. Of course, I can’t claim to be the biggest fan in my family — my sister has watched it four times over and thinks it’s the greatest show to ever be on TV.

Based on the lesser-known book series by L.J. Smith of the same name, the show follows Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), a seemingly normal high schooler from the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, whose parents recently died in a tragic accident. But when Elena meets the Salvatore brothers — vampires who have come back to town after years away — her life and existence turn out to be anything but ordinary.

“The Vampire Diaries” is much more complex than it sounds. It’s filled with complicated storylines, history and a slew of phenomenal characters you’ll either root for or love to hate.

It also has a love triangle that, in my opinion, puts other vampire cult-favorite “Twilight” to shame.

The Salvatore brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), are entangled in a love triangle with Elena — but they were in the same situation before with a woman named Katherine Pierce — and the shocking similarity that Katherine and Elena share will have you seeing double.

While viewers often pick sides, it’s hard to do with the Salvatore brothers. Stefan is your classic good-guy hero with strong morals. Damon — who I’m definitely partial to — is the witty and sarcastic bad-boy with a soft side. They both have their moments of being utterly unhinged, and they’re both the subject of many-a Wattpad fanfic.

The debate of “team Stefan versus team Damon” is a hot topic in my apartment, and is the main fuel for arguments between my roommate and I while rewatching.

The Salvators are not the only supernatural beings Elena encounters, however. Her best friend Bonnie (Kat Graham) is a witch, her new history teacher Alaric (Matt Davis) has a messy past involving vampires and her friend Tyler (Michael Trevino) has a family curse waiting to be triggered.

“The Vampire Diaries” also has an amazing subplot in seasons 2-4 involving Klaus — a powerful “original” vampire and werewolf hybrid — along with the rest of his siblings. “The Originals” started to steal the show from the main cast so much that it warranted a spin-off that rivals its predecessor.

In fact, Klaus is easily the best character that appears in the entire series — and this is coming from a Damon girl.

It’s to the dismay of our guy friend who got hooked on the show that my roommate and I scream at the TV whenever Klaus comes on screen — we may disagree on Stefan and Damon but we have a mutual love for Klaus.

Despite my love for the show, it’s been hard for me to ignore all of the plot holes “The Vampire Diaries” is wrought with.

In the first couple episodes, Damon is shown to have a capability to summon fog and a crow — a tactic which creeps Elena out while writing in her diary at the graveyard her parents are buried in. But this schtick quickly dies out after the pilot episode.

Speaking of diaries, Elena is shown to be writing in her diary throughout the first couple episodes, but that concept also fizzles out. At least the show maintains that Stefan has been continuing to write diaries every year of his life since 1864.

While these are tamer plot holes, crazier ones involve vampires’ ability or inability to enter homes that have no human owners, as well as heretics — witches who have been turned into vampires. The show’s lore makes it clear that one cannot be both a witch and a vampire. In a later season, however, the heretics are introduced and completely defy this rule.

While the plot holes can get confusing and the last two seasons become hard to continue plot-wise, I can assure you that seasons 1-5 will have you thirsting for more.

All eight seasons of “The Vampire Diaries” can be streamed on Netflix.

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