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5 Holiday Recipes to Spice Up Your Dorm

Caroline BellMost of these recipes require a microwave, a fridge and lots of sweets.

Sometimes it’s hard to wait until Christmas break rolls around to get a taste of our favorite holiday treats. Restaurants and cafés have started to roll out their holiday items, but let’s be real — there’s something about eating food you make yourself that makes it taste ten times better. As an added bonus, you can make as much as you want.

For a Christmas pick-me-up to get you through the coming weeks of finals, here are five holiday recipes simple enough to make in residence hall kitchens and even dorm microwaves. All you need are a few baking staples and an empty stomach.

If you’re looking for a dessert that you don’t have to share, which is completely understandable, then this mug cake is a great option. Layers of soft, gooey cake covered in cinnamon sugar make this dessert for one feel like a warm hug. The smell of this mug cake cooking in the microwave is the next best thing to the smell of actual snickerdoodles baking in the oven.

This recipe calls for about a tablespoon of cinnamon sugar, but consider that a suggestion. If you want the taste of an actual snickerdoodle, add another half tablespoon of cinnamon sugar when layering.

And a quick tip: This mug cake would pair exceptionally well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The peppermint-chocolate combination is a classic, whether in hot chocolate, fudge or this beloved holiday treat. Peppermint bark is an incredibly simple dessert — two layers of chocolate topped with crushed candy canes — but is sure to be a crowd favorite nonetheless. Peppermint bark tastes like Christmas: sweet and minty, with hints of vanilla. It’s a quintessential and comforting treat.

This recipe uses five ingredients and can be made by anyone with a microwave and a refrigerator. The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t call for full bags of chocolate chips or a full box of candy canes, meaning any leftover ingredients can be saved and used to make another batch of bark later on. You’re welcome. 

This pie is a delicious treat to eat one slice at a time or straight from the pan — no judgement here. It consists of whipped cream, melted chocolate and any available store-bought crust. Here’s your warning: the whipped cream and chocolate filling is so delicious that you might end up eating it out of the mixing bowl by the spoonful.

This recipe is extremely convenient to make quickly and save for later. All it requires is a microwave to melt the chocolate and a refrigerator to store the pie. Just be sure to add any whipped cream on top of the pie only before serving, or else the whipped cream will melt.

Fudge is a Christmas staple and incredibly simple to make. This recipe requires milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips and a can of condensed milk. All of the ingredients are thrown into the microwave until melted and then the mixture is refrigerated, which is about as easy as it gets. This is an ideal recipe for someone that may not have much baking experience but wants to try something new.

This recipe is extremely uncomplicated and the fudge tastes just as good as fudge made with marshmallow fluff or other ingredients. The sea salt sprinkled on top is optional but adds a nice savory element.

It’s guaranteed that you’ll become the most popular person on your floor once people smell these cookies baking in the oven. They hold all of the nostalgia of a standard chocolate chip cookie but with dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and candy canes added for a Christmas-y twist. For an even bolder cookie, you can add chopped pecans, semi-sweet chocolate chips or even mini marshmallows.

This recipe makes 24 cookies, which is the perfect amount for sharing, but be prepared to make another batch because these will be gone in an instant.

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