de Nobili Dining Hall Set To Reopen Dec. 8

Zack Miller | The PhoenixDe Nobili Dining Hall is set to reopen Dec. 8 after a fire left it closed for nearly a month.

de Nobili Dining Hall will reopen to students Dec. 8, Heather Dotchel, a spokesperson for Aramark — the company which runs Loyola Dining — confirmed in an email to The Phoenix.

This comes after de Nobili was closed for nearly a month following a dishwasher fire that occurred in the facility Nov. 8, The Phoenix reported.

Repairs to the kitchen and dish room were completed Dec. 3, according to Kana Henning, the senior associate vice president for facilities. Henning explained following repairs the dining hall will be turned over to Aramark as preparations are made for re-opening. 

Henning said there are a few aspects of de Nobili’s operations that won’t be completely back to normal but will be corrected in the future.

“Due to lead times, a dish machine will not be installed until the middle of January, but I believe Aramark plans to make other accommodations for dishwashing during that time,” she said regarding the process. 

Students, including first-year Caitlin Hyatt, said they were excited for de Nobili to return before the end of the semester.

“I know a lot of people miss de Nobili,” Hyatt, a forensic science major, said. “A lot of people will be happy to have it back and have the other dining halls less crowded again.”

“That’s really exciting, I miss de Nobili,” said first-year biochemistry major Emma Campbell.

Anthony Azar commented on the length of the dining hall’s absence.

“I think it’s kind of interesting that it took so long to reopen,” Azar, a first-year biology major, said. “I am definitely glad that it’s coming back.”

Nate Lawrence, a first-year molecular biology major, said he was particularly excited.

“Due to how my classes are structured I have a direct route to de Nobili every other day,” he said. “Ever since it closed it has been very annoying to have to go elsewhere. I’ve missed De Nobili, it’s the best dining hall so it’s great to hear it will reopen earlier than next semester.”

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