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From the Editor’s Desk: We’re Feelin’ 22

Leslie Owen | The PhoenixEditor-in-chief Katie Anthony and A&E editor Alec Karam share a birthday (and secrets).

Today, as I’m writing this, is my 22nd birthday. But, I’m not the only member of The Phoenix entering their Taylor Swift year today — Alec Karam, our arts and entertainment editor, is also celebrating today. A few months back, while Alec was trying to guess my star sign, we had the realization that we were born on the same day. 

After swapping IDs we confirmed — like good journalists — that we were, in fact, both born on the 25th. We’re both Aquarians, but honestly, neither of us really know what that means so we won’t dive too deep into that. 

I invited Alec to help write my column this week because birthdays are about gift-giving. 

Hey, it’s Che Diaz Alec Karam. Thanks so much to Ms. Katie Anthony for giving me this opportunity to set the world on fire, as the Jesuits always intended.

What does being 22 mean to me? Not sure, I’m still mentally 20. I suppose SZA’s song “20something” has more meaning now. 

Taylor Swift said I’d be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. That’s incredibly true, more of a symptom of my deep-rooted anxiety than my age though, I’d say. 

Katie here. Sorry, that’s the first and last time Alec will have space on this page. For me, turning 22 has only scared me for one reason: this is the year I’ll be graduating college, and entering the actual workforce. 

We’ll wrap this up now, it’s nearing the end of our production night — but, “tonight’s the night we forget about the deadlines,” as Taylor says. 

Alec here — I thought that was a bit of a stupid ending, full disclosure. Katie Anthony, eat your heart out. 

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