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‘Hype House’ Lives up to the Hype of Sucking

Courtesy of NetflixNetflix's new reality series "Hype House" documents the lives of a group of influencers living under one roof.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure — and “Hype House” is mine.

I don’t want the glamour of “Selling Sunset” or the high stakes of “Cheer.” I want to watch a group of reprehensible people fight about Bang Energy drinks and pool parties.

There aren’t any lessons to be learned from “Hype House,” no new perspectives to be found. The teens to 20-somethings that star on the show have already shared every ounce of their lives on TikTok and Instagram — so when they act like COVID-19 never happened you’re not surprised, but you may be entertained. 

The show tackles serious, timely conversations regarding COVID-19, Blackfishing and addiction in a raw depiction of just how tone-deaf and ridiculous each and every cast member is. Yes, Nikita Dragun Blackfished. Yes, she said “sorry” in a kitchen island conversation. But no, they don’t care. 

The biggest crime of the show is Alex Warren’s dreadful David Dobrik cosplay, anyway. 

Some unlikely heroes do emerge, however, such as the Hype House’s latest golden child, Vinne Hacker, who would rather be streaming on Twitch than talking to literally any of the other cast members. And, in her few cameos and approximately three lines, Charli D’Amelio emerges as the most likable influencer. 

It’s a race to the bottom and a satisfying voyeuristic experience. These influencers have more money than I ever will, but their lives are miserable and they’re running out faster than they can refill it. And that’s kinda funny. 

“Hype House” lets you sit down, melt your brain for four hours and feel a little better about yourself. 

Would I give up every brain cell in order to be as rich as Lil Huddy? Obviously. It pays to be stupid. I would never have to click-clack away at this computer again.

I don’t want to write any more. I didn’t watch this show to think about it.

Alec Karam contributed to this report.

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