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From the Editor’s Desk: How You Can Support Student Journalists

Emily Rosca | The PhoenixEditor-in-chief Katie Anthony sends a reminder to support student journalism.

This week, one of our stories covering a concert in Chicago was cut from the paper — not because it was riddled with AP Style errors or because it was lacking interviews — because we were taken off the press list. “Higher profile” papers wanted to cover the show, so our names were cut.

It was just one concert, and there will be dozens more that we cover. However, I thought it was a good reminder about what it means to support student media. The sentiment is thrown around often, but I think it can be difficult to realize that whatever industry you’re in, you can advocate and support student journalists.

The reality is we don’t have the funding or personnel professional publications have. We don’t have the reach or the contacts — but we have dozens of reporters who are eager to get out into the world, report on events and produce incredible stories. 

I often refer to The Phoenix as a “teaching paper,” the same way hospitals that work with medical students consider themselves “teaching hospitals.” We have editors with years of experience, oftentimes in professional newsrooms too, that help along the first-years who have yet to learn how to craft a lede. Except, those newcomers won’t ever get to resident status on our paper if they’re not given the same opportunities. 

This message is also pertinent outside of concert venues, especially as we approach tournament season. Since the men’s basketball team’s 2018 Final Four run, the school and team has received increased media coverage from more prominent publications. But, our reporters are at every game, and were at every game even when former head coach Porter Moser was standing on tables in Damen, begging students to attend.

I hope media coordinators keep that in mind as they choose who to give access to at these events. College papers speak directly to the students, covering teams no matter what seed they are. 

Even if you’re not the spokesperson for a university, you’re able to ensure student journalists get equal access and the opportunity for covering major events. Contribute to their education and set them up for success.

In news this week, an update on the number of students who have received their booster shot. A&E interviews the creator of one of the newest podcasts on Loyola’s radio station, WLUW. Over in sports, a look at the women’s golf team. 

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