Column: Mascot Madness, the Real Bracket

The Phoenix

It’s finally here — the Phoenix sports section’s unsolicited opinions of the March Madness mascots. You can check out the full bracket for our complete thoughts, but we’ll be breaking down just our Final Four picks here.

A quick note: some of the schools competing have no mascot, so they unfortunately couldn’t make it very far. Also, we’re not saying that mid-major schools have better mascots, but we are saying that 19 of the field of 32 mascots came from mid-major programs. 

Representing the West Region in the Final Four is Big Al from the University of Alabama, who beat out Big Red from the University of Arkansas. Big Al won strictly on the principle that elephants seem more friendly than a wild hog.

Up next, we have the peacock from Saint Peter’s University representing the East Region. It was a close race between the peacock and Zippy the Kangaroo from the University of Akron. Zippy is actually one of just eight female mascots in the United States, but we have to respect that Saint Peter’s is the only school to have a peacock as their mascot.

SuperFrog from Texas Christian University serves as the representative for the South Region. This is the region Loyola competed in this year, but sorry to Lu Wolf fans — you just can’t beat a horned frog named SuperFrog. An honorable mention has to go to the University of Delaware with YoUDee the Blue Hen who made it to the Elite Eight. 

Finally, we have WebstUR from the University of Richmond for the Midwest Region. Listen, we dislike spiders as much as the next person, but there’s just something silly about the idea of a spider dancing on the sidelines wearing a sweatband. 

Our championship matchup is between Saint Peter’s and Richmond, but we have to go with the peacock. The Saint Peter’s Cinderella run during this tournament will go down in history, and so will the peacocks.

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