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From the Editor’s Desk: The Soundtrack of The Phoenix’s Newsroom

Katie Anthony | The PhoenixOne Direction music regularly plays in the newsroom from news editor Kayleigh Padar's computer.

Going on hour 12 of being in The Phoenix newsroom tonight, this week’s music theme has emerged: throwback One Direction with some short trips into the solo discography of the five members (except Liam, sorry).

Typically whoever opens Spotify or YouTube on their desktop first acts as the aux master for the newsroom for the rest of the night — here are some of the most popular artists that make up the soundtrack of The Phoenix newsroom. 

Britney Spears

The Phoenix is made of staunch #FreeBritney supporters and it shows in our music choice (I’m listening to If U Seek Amy as I write this). Spears’ songs usually come into play around 10 p.m. when we need a slight pick me up from staring at nine point font on our screens for hours. 

Taylor Swift 

There’s no shortage of Swifties on The Phoenix either. Shortly after the music video for “All Too Well: The Short Film” was released the newsroom was transformed into a theater as we sat criss-cross on the floor looking up at the projector screen displaying the masterpiece.

Bridgit Mendler 

We’re getting into 2 a.m. territory — and if you forgot this Disney star made some of the biggest hits of 2012-2013 now you remember. I’m talking “Hurricane” and especially “Ready or Not.” Mendler’s weird talk-signing is almost as good as a shot of espresso. 

Aly & AJ

“A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun” (yes, that’s the real album title) has a special place in this year’s staff’s heart. Its review was one of the first articles we edited together over the summer and gives a consistently upbeat energy when we need it most.

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