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STAFF EDITORIAL: The Official Loyola Phoenix March Madness Bracket

Rylee Tan | The Phoenix

Katie Anthony, Editor-in-Chief

I want nothing more than a Loyola March Madness Championship — for a new bar near campus to be created called “bar 22” in place of the late “bar 63.” But The Phoenix picking Loyola to win it all feels like a jinx — and also maybe biased. 

Zack Miller, Co-Managing Editor

While the tournament (unfortunately) feels relatively straightforward this year — the only upsets feeling obvious — I hope to see Murray State go far. Not only are they coming into March Madness hot, but as future members of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC), I can’t help but root for them. Loyola may be leaving the conference but the MVC will always hold a place in my heart.

Rylee Tan, Co-Managing Editor

I choose Gonzaga to win March Madness. Not really because they’re another Jesuit school — though that is a perk — but because I love the Pacific Northwest and Gonzaga just happens to be located there. Don’t ask me if they’re good, I don’t know what’s going on. 

Kayleigh Padar, News Editor

Gonzaga will definitely win March Madness because their name is the most fun to say. If Loyola wins though, for the record, I never doubted them. I knew all along Sister Jean would get them through this. 

Alec Karam, A & E Editor

First things first, Loyola isn’t winning this. I’m sorry, I said it. If they do, I’d sure love to be wrong. In lieu of our rowdy Ramblers losing, I’m in full support of our sisters in Christ, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, taking the March Madness title home. All in God’s timing. 

Lu Calzada, Sports Editor

As any college basketball fan can tell you, March is anyone’s game, so let’s just focus on the team at home — Loyola. I think Loyola has the potential to fight its way to the Elite Eight this year if it plays as well as it did during Arch Madness. At its peak, the team’s defensive capabilities and three-point shooting are amazing assets. If it keeps those running smoothly, I think it could really put up a fight in the tournament.

However, if you’re wondering what I put for my number one this year, I did go the basic route with Gonzaga. But don’t be fooled — I always love a big upset. 

Now that you’ve heard which team each editor hopes to win, let’s see the official Loyola Phoenix bracket compiled by votes from the whole Phoenix staff. 

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