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Team Comedian Jolie Brochu: Charismatic and Skilled Women’s Golfer

Steve Woltmann | Loyola AthleticsBrochu placed 55th out of 89 in the Redbird Invitational Sep. 5-6 as a first-year golfer.

Loyola women’s golf first-year Jolie Brochu can make anyone laugh, bringing humor into conversations with her teammates to crack smiles, first-year Grace Suter said. 

Brochu has excelled in her first season as a Rambler, scoring low in rounds while adapting to head coach Carly Werwie’s program. With her positive mentality, Suter said Brochu plays a key role on the team as a competitor and a comedian, adding energy to Werwie’s team.

Werwie said Brochu, a first-year pursuing a biology degree, is a trustworthy teammate who has grown since she joined the team last September, adding that she looks forward to seeing Brochu grow on the team.

“She’s a great teammate, and it’s fun to see,” Werwie said. “As a freshman, it can be challenging traveling or being in a lineup, but it’s fun to see her growth from September to now, and it’s awesome to have her as a part of our program, and I’m excited to see what else is in store for her.” 

First-year Grace Suter, an accounting major, said Brochu’s humor keeps the team’s mood up during tough rounds, adding that Brochu contributes words of encouragement to her teammates. 

“[Her humor] is really random, she’s really good at saying something you’re going to laugh at in the moment,” Suter said. “She says something that matches up with the vibe going on, and you start laughing. She always has good words of encouragement, just a really good asset.”

Since fall, Werwie said Brochu has boosted her confidence in her swing while making smarter choices to play more consistently. 

Brochu began her collegiate career at the Redbird Invitational Sep. 5-6, tying for 55th place out of 89 golfers with 232 strokes on rounds of 81-74-77. Ever since, her scores have dropped, netting a personal-best 73 stroke round at the Coyote Creek Classic Oct. 9-10.

Brochu said she’s been able to improve her game at Loyola because Werwie trusts her players to know what skills they need to work on during practice. Currently she averages 78.4 strokes in 17 rounds played — slightly better than sophomore Abby Thielbar’s first-year average of 78.8 strokes. Brochu said Werwie stresses the importance of staying positive during rounds, which was something she struggled with in high school. 

“My mental game before getting to college was not very good,” Brochu said. “Since coming here and being on the college grind, I feel so much more comfortable on the golf course, it’s genuinely enjoyable for me. It can almost be a chore, but I genuinely love playing golf even if it’s not going how I want it to go.”

She said Loyola Athletics’ mental health resources have helped her build her mental game — transforming how she thinks about each stroke and round score. Brochu, a first-year pursuing a biology degree, said she focuses on competition and enjoying the moment even if the weather or course conditions interfere with her play. 

Brochu said she utilized her positive mindset to block out negative thoughts at the Spring Break Shootout March 14-15. At the tournament, Brochu tied for 41st place, with a score of 227 while shooting 74-79-44. Werwie said her performance helped her rebound from a score of 234 at the FAU Paradise Invitational Feb. 7-8 and to regain confidence in her play for the rest of the season. 

“I think it was a good confidence booster for her because when we were in Florida she hit the ball and played really well, the scores just didn’t reflect it,” Werwie said. “Going forward I think it’s sticking to the same mindset, staying in the present, and not being too ahead of herself. There was one moment at a tournament when she got ahead of herself and realized she did and learned from it.”

Moving forward, Werwie said Brochu needs to focus on maintaining confidence and improving her putting skills, something that can rattle a player if a shot doesn’t fall. To keep lowering her scores, Brochu will also work on course management to improve how she approaches different scenarios during rounds. 

With one tournament left before the MVC Championship, Brochu said she’s confident in the team’s chances to perform against tough conference competition. She said Werwie’s emphasis on supporting each other is leading the team in a good direction before the end of the season.

“I think we can do amazing things this season,” Brochu said. “I think the opportunities are endless, especially as we’re going as a team putting a big emphasis on supporting one another and contributing to the team. I feel like we’re headed in such a good direction, as a player it’s awesome to see.”

The Loyola women’s golf team tees off again at the Redbird Invitational April 8-9 in Normal, Illinois. Live scores can be viewed on the Loyola Athletics website during and after the tournament.

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