Academic Year Coming to a Close With No Announcement of a Replacement for Loyola’s President Jo Ann Rooney

Photograph by Erik UngerOver a month has gone by without an update on the presidential search.

After months of emails being sent out to the university from the Presidential Search Committee, there still hasn’t been a successor named for President Jo Ann Rooney who announced her resignation in an email Aug. 23.

Loyola hasn’t sent out an update about the presidential search since March.

Loyola Spokesperson Anna Rozenich stated the presidential search continues to make progress, but didn’t answer The Phoenix’s questions about updates on the search or when the successor might be named.

“As has been the practice since the search process began, we will continue to update the community as we proceed with the thorough search with community input about the most important qualities of the new president,” Rozenich said in an email.

Rooney also denied the request for an interview about her tenure as president earlier this month from The Phoenix. Rozenich said the interview would be “premature.”

“At present, [Rooney] continues to lead Loyola until her successor is named,” Rozenich said in an email. “Therefore, the optimal time for this interview will be in the Fall since it is premature to do a retrospective until the Board of Trustees elects the new president.”

Rooney was the first woman and non-Jesuit leader Loyola has seen and began her tenure in 2016, The Phoenix reported

Rooney stated her reasoning for leaving Loyola as being “deep reflection,” “some personal issues” and a “desire to ensure continuity of leadership,” The Phoenix reported.

The search is “making great progress,” according to the month-old message, and the university is receiving candidates with help from Search Consultant Spencer Stuart. 

A Feb. 22 email to the university from the presidential search committee stated they have received more than 100 nominations for the position, according to the email. 

The committee also announced Nov. 29 they received feedback from nearly 900 students, faculty and staff who have participated in the Presidential Search survey or attended the various listening sessions and open Zoom forums hosted by the Presidential Search Committee, according to the email.

The search committee after multiple attempts for an interview never responded to the requests. 

President of American Association of University Professors (AAUP) David Ingram said he doesn’t know much about the search but he hopes the new president values faculty co-governance.

More about the presidential search can be found on the website.

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