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From the Editor’s Desk: A Love Letter to Whole Foods

Leslie Owen | The PhoenixEditor-in-chief Katie Anthony is a lover of many things, perhaps none as much as a Tuesday trip to Whole Foods.

Tuesday night productions come with many decisions — what stories will make it to the front page? Should we use this photo or that one? Most importantly, what will I have for dinner?

Loyola’s Water Tower Campus is surrounded with food places, from pizza to sushi to ramen, but there’s only one place that has it all — Whole Foods.

The slow construction of the Whole Foods only feet away from the newsroom has captivated our staff for weeks, but until the April 27 opening day we continue our walks to the Whole Foods on West Huron Street.

My typical Whole Foods haul consists of a salmon avocado roll (spicy when they have it), a dessert (either sour rings or cheesecake) and a beverage (this one’s a wild card, could be bottled water, tea or kombucha.) But everyone on staff has their preferences — that’s what makes a production night Whole Foods trip exciting. 

Is it overpriced? Definitely. Is there better sushi literally a block from the newsroom? For sure. But Whole Foods is about the adventure — stopping by the prepared meals area before perusing the isles to find something you hadn’t tried before. 

My love for Whole Foods goes beyond the downtown one, as the Rogers Park one has provided me with countless slices of cheesecake around 8 p.m. when I’m looking for the perfect dessert. 

Here’s a look at some of the stories in this week’s issue, all fueled by Whole Foods (not sponsored).

In news, students are selling their extra commencement tickets for cash and the university is seeking out the scalpers. Arts and entertainment takes a trip on the Red Line to find the best late night bites. And in sports, get to know the new women’s basketball head coach. 

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