Grooving and Moving: Laundry Day Bring Large Performance to Small Stage

Raven Walters | The PhoenixLaundry Day returned to Chicago April 4 after performing at Lollapalooza last summer.

Indie rock band Laundry Day took to the stage to give a small but loud performance at Subterranean (2011 W. North Avenue.) April 4. 

Right when the band entered the stage, their chemistry was immediately apparent. High fiving and laughing, they picked up their instruments and surveyed the crowd.

As the music filled the air, lead vocalist Sawyer Nunes ripped off his shirt which was met with excited screams. Other band members were dressed in streetwear, matching the vibes of their fans in the audience.

Opening with “Little Bird” off their new album, “We Switched Bodies,” the concert kicked off with a bang. Reciprocating the band’s high energy, fans jumped and belted. The whole venue was drawn to the tune and swayed for the majority of the songs.

Later, Nunes stopped and announced he was going to do an acoustic version of the song “The Knots.” Bathed in blue light, Nunes and other lead vocalist Jude Ciulla sang accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. There was a shift in energy as the two seemed to be immersed in their soft vocals.

“20 years from now / I hope you learned about how / The knots will tie you down,” audience members sang out elevating the volume while the intimacy on stage remained uninterrupted. 

The sprightly attitude returned on “And Either Way it Goes” with Nunes bouncing around on stage with his electric guitar and drummer Etai Abramovich vigorously providing the beat. 

One could never tell from the onstage chemistry that the band only formed in 2018. The result of their charm is a performance suited for fans of indie rock everywhere.

As the band wrapped up their last song, the crowd started chanting “encore.” Just as the chant started to fade out, all five band members emerged from inside the crowd and started to walk their way up to the stage as fans grabbed onto them screaming.  

Filling the air with electric beats, “BULLDOG” got the audience pumped up to keep singing along. 

“Reside in my double bed that’s trapped in the back corner of my bedroom, it’s plain,” Nunes passionately sang out.

During their hit song, “FRIENDS,” Ciulla took the spotlight and sang out into the crowd almost as if he was singing to someone. He danced around with the microphone while everyone swayed and yelled the lyrics at the end of the vibrant concert.

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