STAFF EDITORIAL: All Service Workers Deserve Our Gratitude

Austin Hojdar | The PhoenixThere are countless university workers who go unnoticed everyday.

As with many other institutions, it’s easy to walk through Loyola’s buildings and landscape while ignoring the work that goes into maintaining the campus each and every day.

We sit in classrooms for approximately an hour each day, type on our keyboards and leave, not returning until our next class rolls around. We go to the dining halls, eat our grub and leave, staying away until the next time we’re craving a little meal.

But between the leaving and returning, there’s so much we don’t see.

The trash cans are collected and emptied each night. The stoves and burners are cleaned between cooks. Security officers tend to campus buildings throughout the wee hours of the night. 

All of these little things are aspects of student life we take for granted each and every day. Plenty of gratitude and thanks is often given to professors, administrators and even dining hall greeters — and that gratitude is well deserved. 

A great professor makes a class enjoyable, communicative administration allows for a positive student experience and a smile entering a dining hall makes the food taste all the better.

But there are so many people with thankless jobs at Loyola. 

The university’s website lauds its campus as “one of the most picturesque universities in the Midwest,” but that beauty can’t manifest without the work of landscapers contracted by the school.

On production night, we can be found sitting in the School of Communication past 2 a.m., often met by maintenance staff trying to throw away our McDonald’s bags and empty sushi containers. As we leave each morning, the security officer sends us off with a bit less surprise at our departure time each week.

While these actions and gestures are often overlooked, it’s crucial that we don’t ignore the little, typically unseen things that make Loyola home.

Thus, we encourage students, faculty, community members and anyone else who enjoys the beauty of campus to express more gratitude for the service workers here. Strike up conversations, engage with people who create our seemingly perfect floral arrangements or set up catering for events. From our experience, a thank you can go a long way.

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