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STAFF EDITORIAL: What We’re Thankful for at Loyola

Angela Ramirez | The PhoenixThe Phoenix Editorial Board have found it’s the people who make Loyola a place for them to call their second home.

After a long and difficult semester, a break from school offers many the chance to return home. With our last issue before a week off, The Phoenix Editorial Board wanted to write about what it is at Loyola that makes us grateful.

Nicky Andrews

Courtesy of Nicky Andrews Editor-in-Chief Nicky Andrews is grateful for her roommates.

Spending a year and a half online due to COVID-19 made it hard to feel like a student at times during my time here so far. But throughout all the difficulties I faced, including the loneliness that comes with taking online classes from my childhood bedroom, I’m most grateful for the people I have met at Loyola. The Phoenix has literally become my family with some of my favorite people in the world all congregating in the newsroom each Tuesday. 

Along with the Phoens, my roommates and best friends, Taylor and Molly, have been there for me at home. They’ve supported me through all the stress, panic attacks and depressive episodes I’ve gone through since 2019. Loyola’s ENVS requirement is also the reason I met my boyfriend Conner who was in class with me on my first day of my first-year.  

Lastly, I’m extremely grateful to have the ability to be here. Having access to education, the ability to explore my journalistic interests and feel supported by my professors, peers and community is a privilege that can be easily overlooked in day to day life, but something I’ve become increasingly grateful for during my years at Loyola. 

Austin Hojdar

Loyola has given me many things over my two and a half years here. Aside from de Nobili pizza and the Windy City Panini from Lu’s Deli & Pub, it’s really the people I have to be grateful for.

Angela Ramirez | The Phoenix Managing Editor Austin Hojdar attended Lollapalooza with Ella Govrik, Nicky Andrews and Angela Ramirez.

In my apartment building, half of the units are occupied by friends and people I truly feel I can be myself with. Whether we’re running across the hall, down the stairs, or staying in my unit — dubbed “Couch City” for our three loungeable pieces of furniture — I constantly feel surrounded by twelve people who show me nothing but compassion and support.

When I’m making a trek to the “Dog Park” just a few blocks away, I always feel welcomed as a stray. I don’t know what it is about the people I know and nicknames for our apartments, but I’m personally a fan.

Finally, the twelve hours I spend in the newsroom each week wouldn’t be what it is without the other editors at their computers. The Phoenix staff includes some of the most important people in my life and I wouldn’t be writing this without them.

Isabella Grosso

Courtesy of Isabella Grosso News Editor Isabella Grosso appreciates her friend group.

I could easily talk about how grateful I am for The Phoenix, my coworkers at Halas Recreation Center, the Target on Sheridan or the sushi in Damen, but Loyola wouldn’t be the place it is to me if it wasn’t for the people I am lucky enough to call home — Madi, Marie, Teresa, Alise, Anna, Lainey, Mary Ann, Tommy and James.

This group has shown me what it means to love your friends unconditionally. Through all of our beautiful highs, we’ve celebrated with Sunday dinners and car karaoke. In our scariest lows, we’ve offered shoulders to cry on and a quick game of Mario Kart for a distraction. 

No matter how many times I burn the cookies or how loud we yell at each other about spring break plans, we have the most unbreakable bond built on an abundance of love and support. So, to you nine fools, these 170 words barely touch on how grateful I am for you. I love you in this life and the next. 

Ella Govrik

Courtesy of Ella Govrik A&E Editor Ella Govrik is thankful for the “boundless love” provided by her friends.

When I began classes at Loyola in August 2020, several factors contributed to the nerves of starting college. Leaving home, COVID-19 restrictions and being a first generation college student all added to the confusion. 

However, after two and a half years of navigating these uncertainties, it’s impossible not to acknowledge how thankful I am to be able to spend my time at Loyola supported by those around me. My family and friends have created an amazing community that’s provided me with boundless love and guidance, which has made my experience at Loyola all the more impactful. 

Whether my roommates’ and I are having one of our frequent debriefs, I’m FaceTiming my family to tell them about my latest trip to Target or I’m spending 12 hours with my fellow Phoens each Tuesday putting the newspaper together, I’m beyond thankful for both the people I’ve come to know and the relationships I’ve had the opportunity to strengthen at Loyola.

Fernando Molina Bier

I’ve had the privilege of living in three different countries, which has helped me meet incredible people and learn how to appreciate the beauty in distinctions across cultures.

Honduras gave me my family and childhood friends. Ecuador gave me more friends and taught me how to see the world through a different set of eyes. The United States gave me my loving girlfriend Alivia and her dog Lucho, as well as many other friends. It also gave me The Phoenix, an organization full of different yet equally amazing people that allows me to pursue my passion for sports journalism. 

And working in Guatemala is my mom — the hard-working woman responsible for all the blessings that have come into my life. Estoy agradecido por ser latino, agradecido con Dios, agradecido por la gente que se ha cruzado en mi camino, y sobre todo, agradecido por vos mama. ¡Gracias!

Courtesy of Fernando Molina Bier Sports Editor Fernando Molina Bier is grateful to have lived in three different countries.
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