With Chicago possibly on the verge of a return to Phase 3 COVID-19 restrictions, it’s more important than ever to stay home and stay safe. With the weather getting colder, staying home isn’t a bad …


In the last few days of International Women’s Friendship Month, I’m having difficulty understanding how one social media post is diminishing the relationship myself and many others have with Kappa Delta (KD) sorority. The sorority that gave us leadership, friendship and a better understanding of values has seemingly forgotten what it stands for in the wake of the Supreme Court nomination process.


Pre-quarantine, most people’s daily routines would make you do a double-take. The spread of COVID-19 has made myself and many others aware of how unsanitary we used to be. All I can hope for is that the safety changes put in place across the country will eventually become the new norm.


I packed up my essentials and left my apartment in Valparaiso, IN Feb. 28 and drove 40 minutes to my parent’s house to spend what I thought would be two weeks with them. I wrote one of my last articles March 12 as Editor-in-Chief of The Torch — Valparaiso University’s student newspaper — on how Valpo students wouldn’t be returning for in-person classes until April 13.


As Loyola prepares to switch gears from the summer to fall semester, one way the university plans on keeping campus clean is with sanitizers made in Loyola’s own Searle Biodiesel Lab.  The Searle Biodiesel Lab …