Loyola’s Campus Safety Department notified the university community of the shooting, warning students to “stay alert” to their surroundings.

Arch Madness

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and that was true by the end of this year’s Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) season. After a dominant regular season earned it the No. 1 …

Men's Volleyball

There’s more to junior opposite side hitter Ricky Gevis than what meets the eye. Towering a foot over majority of the world’s population, it’s his personality and dedication to his religion, academics and sport that …

Men's Basketball

The Loyola men’s basketball was surrounded by a shroud of mystery heading into the 2016 season. What would the team look like after so much player turnover from last season? Seven games into the year, however, the team is showing us we have a reason to pay attention


Those of us who voted collectively chose Trump. There’s a reason he won. Americans didn’t accidentally fill in his bubble or mistakenly touch his name on the voting screen.


A Loyola student was the survivor of a sexual assault in San Francisco Hall on Nov. 12, marking the second time in less than a month that a student reported being the victim of a sexual assault in an on-campus dorm.


Less than 24 hours after President-elect Donald J. Trump made his acceptance speech, thousands of angry protesters marched through Chicago shutting down roads and blocking the entrance to Trump Tower.


Joe Flaherty, who graduated from Loyola in 2014, said it’s been a dream and a blessing working for the Chicago Cubs this year.