From the Editor’s Desk: New Year! New Website!…Same Virus

Editor-in-chief Nicky Andrews writes her first editor’s desk of 2023.

This past week I was finally exposed and contracted the dreadful COVID-19. After three years of somehow avoiding a number of close calls, I finally was faced with the shock of seeing double lines on my rapid COVID-19 test. 

Seven exhausting days followed with me experiencing almost all the COVID-19 symptoms possible until finally my misery was put to an end with the help of Paxlovid — an emergency authorized medication to treat COVID-19. 

My absence meant more work fell into the hands of other members on staff. I’m grateful to have adaptable and understanding co-workers who took on extra work as I recovered, and it assured me The Phoenix will be left in good hands when I finish this last semester and graduate. 

Looking ahead, Austin and I are excited to announce a new and improved version of The Loyola Phoenix website. After crashing prior to break, we spent our time off curating the site to make it up to date aesthetically and more user-friendly than before. 

The site is a mark of a new era of The Phoenix. For those with a paper currently in your hand, I appreciate your support for print journalism and encourage you to check out our website in coming weeks for multimedia content. 

We have updates and additions to the website to come, so be sure to stay tuned throughout 2023! 

Nicky Andrews

Nicky Andrews