Around The Block: Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe is a Delicious Addition to Rogers Park

With an extensive menu, this brunch spot offers meals for even the pickiest of guests.

The crepes are colossal and the french toast is fantastic — just as the menu describes them to be.

Honey Berry Cafe opened their eighth location in Illinois Sept. 13 at 6606 N. Sheridan Road. This cafe is the successor to Bulldog Ale House, which closed its doors the week of Aug. 23.

With an extensive menu, this brunch spot offers meals for even the pickiest of guests. From Blissful Bennys to Wonderful Waffles, there’s an abundance of options available.

Each sweet dish on the menu has a Signature Honeyberry option which includes berry mascarpone filling, fresh berries, vanilla creme anglaise and blackberry coulis — and yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.

Honey Berry’s french toast are customizable to the customer’s liking. (Daphne Kraushaar / The Phoenix)

The Signature Honeyberry crepes in particular are not only beautiful in presentation but also in taste. The crepes themselves are light and soft, with the anglaise and coulis infusing a pleasant blend of sweet and sour into every bite.

The pancakes range from Oreo S’mores to Blueberry Danish, the crepes include Strawberry Shortcake and Granola Berry and the french toast offers specialities like Rumchata and Red Velvet.

On the savory side, Honey Berry serves eggs benedicts, omlettes, skillets, oatmeal bowls, wraps and more.

Under the Family Favorites section, the homemade biscuits and gravy present a heavy, filling meal with two eggs prepared to request, hash browns, four biscuits and the option of either toast or pancakes. The gravy is smooth but lacking in portion, causing the biscuits to feel too dry at times.

Drink options are supplied in abundance as well — including smoothies, juices and sodas. House coffee drinks are available with vanilla, cinnamon, caramel or mocha.

The mocha macchiato is splendidly rich. The dash of chocolate sugar accompanying the bitter brew of espresso makes it a wonderfully crafted coffee kick.

For guests over 21, the cafe provides a comprehensive list of craft cocktails. Not only are there bottomless mimosas, but Irish coffee and champagne-based drinks.

The dinnerware is pleasantly uncommon. Though they all mesh together fluidly in their color schemes and designs, each mug and plate is delightfully distinct from the others. The sundry ceramics give a sense of personality and individuality — as though diners are in the home of a good friend, not a chain restaurant. 

Coffee flavors at the breakfast restaurant include vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and mocha. (Daphne Kraushaar / The Phoenix)

The cafe has tried their best to incorporate Bulldog’s Ale House’s leftover bar into their brightened new design, but have fallen flat in their goal. The bar’s shiny metal counters and flatscreen TVs just don’t quite fit the cozy aesthetic and leave the indoor seating area feeling cramped.

Honey Berry also offers outdoor seating at the front of the cafe. With blue and white wicker bistro chairs and Edison string lights hung up above, the area is charming yet simple.

The cafe does price their meals and drinks on the higher side, with each full specialty dish costing at least $17 and cocktails priced in the low teens.

In all, Honey Berry is a promising new brunch spot in Rogers Park, and guests shouldn’t be surprised if they feel compelled to wipe their plates clean.

Honey Berry’s Rogers Park location is open every day from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Featured image courtesy of Daphne Kraushaar / The Phoenix

Catherine Meyer

Catherine Meyer