Loyola Campus Faces Multiple Crime Incidents

Loyola sees increase in crime reports on and near campus as school years starts.

The area surrounding Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus has experienced multiple crime incidents over the past two weeks including two car thefts and an armed robbery.

Campus Safety police logs record all incidents campus safety responds to on Loyola’s campus and within two blocks of campus. There are 86 entries on the log from July 29 through Oct. 3.

Daniel Nguyen, a first-year computer science major, said he’s becoming more aware of ways to stay safe.

“I feel like I’m safe because there’s a good amount of people around and everything and stuff and then there’s those blue emergencies and everything and stuff that you can click, too,” Nguyen said. “But then what happens if there’s not one near and not a lot of people around?”

Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus has over 400 emergency blue-light telephones which connect the caller to a Campus Safety dispatcher on campus grounds, according to Campus Safety’s website

A motor vehicle was reported stolen before being recovered “a short time later,” according to a Campus Safety crime alert Sept. 21.

The crime alert stated a motor vehicle was stolen from West Loyola Avenue around 2 a.m. The vehicle belonged to a resident of Rogers Park not connected to the university. The alert reports that the thieves broke the window and were able to start the vehicle.

Campus Safety also sent out a crime alert reporting an armed robbery Sept. 23.

Around 3:40 a.m., three students were outside Marquette Hall on North Kenmore Avenue when a sedan stopped on the street, according to the alert. 

“Four offenders exited the vehicle, one displayed a gun, and demanded the students turn over their property including cell phones and wallets,” the report stated.

A vehicle theft occurred the night of Sept. 22-23 on West Loyola Avenue, according to a crime alert. The stolen vehicle was owned by a person unaffiliated with the university visiting a Loyola student, the report reads.

Two days later, Campus Safety sent out a crime alert Sept. 25 reporting another motor vehicle theft from West Loyola Avenue, which runs through Loyola’s campus, according to Loyola’s website.

Carly Bilgri, a second-year engineering major, said her parents are concerned, but she isn’t stressed because of the preventative measures she takes. 

“I always feel like I’m safe at Loyola,” Bilgri said. “I always tell people that.”

Safety programs at Loyola have increased in recent years in an attempt to be proactive toward crime, according to their website. Programs include safety classes, tours and other resources.

Safety classes including rape aggression defense, hot spot tours, sexual assault prevention and safety talks are available, according to the Campus Safety website

Third-year Camille Russell said she tries to take preventative measures to try and remain safe when alone at night.

“I definitely make sure I know where all of the emergency things are,” Russell said. “I’m always on the phone with someone if it’s dark. I try not to be out here by myself late at night.” 

Campus Safety has safety tips on its website to help prevent and minimize crime. 

To contact a Campus Safety dispatcher, Campus Safety urges you to immediately call 773-508- 7233, according to their website.

This article was written by Zoe Smith

Featured image by Ryan Pittman / The Phoenix

Zoe Smith

Zoe Smith