Loyola Alumni Weekend Reinforces Connections Between the University and Alumni

Alumni weekend was hosted Oct. 27-29 and featured a series of events for attendees.

Loyola hosted Alumni Weekend Oct. 27-29, giving graduated students a chance to reconnect with the university through various events and opportunities. 

Reunions and meet ups were organized as a part of the weekend so graduates could catch up with peers and members of other graduation years, according to Loyola’s director of alumni relations Michelle Marchand.

”Just ways for people from where they were connected when they were here to come back and find that connection again as alumni,” Marchand said.

The meet ups included orientation leaders, resident assistants, the School of Communication, the Honors College and the graduating class of 1973 as it was their 50 year reunion, according to the alumni relations website

The university hosted a Rambler Success Seminar Saturday morning, which allowed for student connections with successful alumni, according to the schedule. This event included a development workshop on creating a resume and a panel discussion with specific alumni and faculty, according to the website.

Following this was a networking opportunity hosted by LoyolaLinked, which provided a chance for alumni to get professional headshots. This seminar was the professional growth and development time the weekend provided, according to Marchand.

The Alumni Association worked to organize these events, and Loyola has been meeting since March every two weeks to plan the Alumni Weekend, according to Marchand.

Marchand said the Loyola Student Alumni Association is a good way for current students to connect with alumni in their career field year round because it’s a way to start thinking about connections to Loyola throughout their lives.

President of the Alumni Association Joe Sheils ‘90 and  said the organization plays an important part in making meaningful connections.

“As the Alumni Association, we are the eyes and ears of the community,” Sheils said. “We help advise alumni relations as to how to best bring the alumni community and the university together.”

Michael King ‘14 said Loyola does a good job of establishing a strong community and connections, and this contributed to him loving his time spent at Loyola. This was a big reason he decided to attend the Alumni Excellence Celebration on Friday he said. 

Georgia Tolias ‘87 said alumni appreciate the connections Loyola strives to make.

“I think it is important that all schools and universities keep connections with their alumni,” Tolias said. “It makes sense for them to reach out to the alumni and see if we want to be donors to continue the excellence and the traditions we as students experienced here.”

Tolias said they noticed the changes Loyola has made since they have been on campus. Tolias still teaches one class a week on campus and there has been much change that has been meaningful, according to her.

“All of the dorms I lived in, they are all gone,” Tolias said. “I have seen all of that growth and change. On the one hand, it’s sad. I walk through the campus and the buildings that were the heart of my experience and education are gone.”

Christopher Lee ‘18 said he agrees about the changes they have seen on campus. 

“The honors building used to be across the street,” Lee said. “Everything has changed in five years. It’s a lot.”

Featured Image by: Ryan Pittman / The Phoenix

Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones