No ‘Better Distractions’ Than Faye Webster At The Riviera Theatre

The autumnal rain on Oct. 29 didn’t deter fans from wrapping three blocks past the Riviera Theatre to wait for indie pop singer-songwriter, Faye Webster.

The autumnal rain on Oct. 29 didn’t deter fans from wrapping three blocks past the Riviera Theatre to wait for indie pop singer-songwriter, Faye Webster.

Webster took the stage and played songs from her most recent albums “I Know I’m Funny haha” and “Atlanta Millionaires Club.” 

Upchuck, the opening act, shocked the crowd by starting with hardcore rock. The Atlanta band turned the floor into a mosh pit as they jumped on stage. Fans seemed unsure of how to react to the punk opening act that appeared incongruent with Webster’s indie music. The band ended their set tossing a drumstick into the crowd.

After the stage was decorated with a whimsical moon backdrop, both the stage and fans were ready for Webster.

Webster came on stage in a baggy striped shirt and short combination. She began with the single “But Not Kiss,” contrasting funky piano interludes with longing lyrics. 

“I want to see you in my dreams, but then forget / We’re meant to be, but not yet / You’re all that I have but can’t get,” Webster sang.

Webster’s ethereal voice was mirrored in her stage’s setup. Rocky structures sat in front of the piano as the fairy backdrop gave her set a magical feel. The performance was set apart by Webster’s inclusion of live saxophone and violin, played by band member Annie Leeth

Webster’s set remained laid-back and melancholy as she moved through the setlist. The crowd hung onto every lyric, as Webster offered little commentary between songs. 

The jazzy “Right Side of My Neck” brought the energy up as fans recognized one of her most streamed songs. Relaxed drums kept concertgoers swaying during more lighthearted tracks like “I Know I’m Funny haha.”

“Hope they don’t know my landlord personally / ‘Cause I never told him you moved in with me / But fuck him, he kept my money,” Webster crooned.

The singer showcased her musical flair and goofy personality as she covered “Eterna City,” an instrumental track from Pokémon on the keyboard.

Following the track, a fan tossed a small stuffed Charmander onto the stage in recognition of Webster’s love for Pokémon.

With almost every North American show sold out, this tour reflects Webster’s ability to captivate an audience without a new album release. While Webster did not mention a new album, she sang “Wilco Type Beat” — an unreleased track.

Webster’s musical sound aims to capture fleeting feelings. Her performance at the Riviera Theatre proved her ability to perform these works while engrossing the audience. Despite Webster’s mellow sound, fans were swaying and singing along.

The performance of “In A Good Way” was a powerful highlight of the night as the audience screamed the lyrics back, making it almost impossible to hear Webster.

“You make me wanna cry in a good way,” the audience yelled.

The band left the stage as the crowd screamed for an encore. Seconds later Webster reentered, ending the show with fan-favorite, “Kingston.” 

A spotlight shone on Webster, making it seem as if she knew the crowd was waiting for this track. The song recently gained traction on TikTok, despite its original release in 2019. 

The floorboards shook as audience members sang every verse, cementing Webster’s presence at the venue.

“He said ‘baby’, that’s what he called me, ‘I love you’ / Every single word you say makes me feel some type of way,” Webster and fans sang in unison.

Webster thanked the crowd and said goodnight as she left fans cheering until the house lights came on.

Featured image courtesy of Brianna Guntz / The Phoenix

Brianna Guntz

Brianna Guntz