Editor’s Desk: Speaking With The Next Editor-in-Chief of The Loyola Phoenix

Editor-in-Chief Austin Hojdar interviews Griffin Krueger, who will soon be stepping into the editor-in-chief role for the next year.

As this school year nears its end, I will be passing the editor-in-chief torch to none other than current Sports Editor Griffin Krueger.

Krueger is a third-year political science major who has been writing for The Phoenix since his first day at Loyola.

“I am very excited,” Krueger said. “I’m a little nervous, but I’ve just been doing The Phoenix for so long, it’s sort of gratifying to get such a high position and the trust of everybody to do it.”

When Krueger first enrolled at Loyola, he was a multimedia journalism major like myself but “wanted to get his boots on the ground right away” and start writing for The Phoenix. In high school, he was the sports and head editor at their paper, The Caledonian.

After seeing each other’s bylines in our respective sections, Krueger and I first met in a School of Communications core class the next semester, but he first recalls knowing me as “the guy who wore UGGs in the dining hall.” 

One of the most interesting aspects of college life is how often you see the same people in a single semester and never speak to them. These strangers probably just have similar breaks in their schedules or routes between classes, but they’re all people and peers I’ll never truly know. 

In that first class we had together, Krueger recalls us sitting together by chance and bonding over the paper — at which we were both writers at the time. Sitting with us was even current Managing Editor Ella Govrik. 

By the end of that year, each of us were hired by The Phoenix and it became an all-consuming aspect of our academic lives.

I’m extremely glad Krueger became more than an anonymous passerby at Loyola.

Since getting to know one another, we’ve bonded over cartography, niche tweets and even spent a long weekend together in Brooklyn covering the Men’s Basketball A-10 Championship tournament.

I have full faith that Krueger will take The Phoenix to new heights next year and can’t wait to see what he does with the paper.

“I think that every year I’ve been here, I think the paper’s gotten better and I hope I’m not the one that bucks that trend,” Krueger said.

Next week marks my last issue as editor-in-chief of The Loyola Phoenix. 

Thank you for reading.

Austin Hojdar

Austin Hojdar